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MAXimum Athleisure

I have always been a fan of denims and basic t-shirts because of their low maintenance. But the trend of incorporating active wear in our daily wear is like having your cake and eating it too! Active wear or athleisure wear are outfits which can be worn during a work out. These days however, this style is not confined to our gyms or pilates classes. You could wear your yoga pants or track suit to a brunch or a day out, without it being considered a fashion disaster. You could sweat it out in a gym, shower and change into another pair of your previous outfit for offfice and further to a classy dinner date and noone will bat an eyelid, anymore. The style is not just for treadmills but a hit on the runways as well. This specific trend went from the streets to the runway. The clothes are comfortable, chic and edgy, all the while redefining your age old definition of "cool".

So I thought of creating an athleisure look for you all. Instead of going for the conventional yoga pants or joggers, I decided to go for a pair of shorts to make it look fun and young. The pair is as comfortable as they come. Absolutely love the lace up detail on the sides of the shorts. I paired it up with a black full sleeves t-shirt which has a twist at the back. Don't you just love the netted back of this tee? I went ahead & chose the shorts & t-shirt from Max Fashion. The look is very basic at its core but also has a very vivacious and spunky look. To add a bold element to this look, I went for fish net stockings. I've been currently obsessed with them, you must have observed! White sneakers further went into completing the look and giving it the sporty vibe. When it comes to athleisure looks, believe me you, it is important to pick up something that is comfortable for you but still has some fun elements. The trend is picking up globally and everyone has a gala time posting pictures or videos in their active wear. It's no longer considered a fashion faux pas and instead has become one of the biggest style statements for us millennials. Do check out the collection Max Fashion has in store for us. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures XX


--- Good Vibes ---


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