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The Modern Farewell

If there is one thing all of us can link to this month apart from craving loads of hot chocolate is that there are loads of weddings happening around us. It's every girl's dream to get hitched in this month and fly away with your groom! It brings pleasant weather, Christmas cheer and the hope of a new and wonderful year. Titan, with its Wedding Tales brings us watches which I had the opportunity to adorn while Nikhil Kandhari whisked me away. A modern farewell is the mantra for this generation. The old rules no longer apply and girls are more independent, stronger and braver than ever before. This moment is magical, sparkly and divine. One that needs to be etched in time for eternity and a watch that will hold the time for eternity is this one. I love the design and it's simplicity, pairing it with my gown gives it the classic ethereal look and makes me feel princessy and so is the perfect gift!

Enjoy this story that we created for #WeddingTalesbyTitan

Outfit- Deme by Gabriella

Photos by - Mohit Varu

Location Courtesy- Renaissance, Powai


#Titan #WeddingTalesByTitan

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