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2016 has been an amazing year, a roller coaster of a ride, if I may say so! Right from creating some crazy content for my blog, collaborating with amazing brands, photographers, travelling across the globe & getting to see beautiful places or even getting acquainted with new people from varied territories, this year was everything I hoped for and more. I got featured in some cool magazines & websites, spread loads of happiness through my meet and greet sessions, became an architect & most importantly, I'm evolving to become a better version of myself!

It's been a year of learning, experiencing things I would've barely even thought possible, getting to know my inner self better. I'm grateful for all these things, the generosity keeps my head on my shoulders. My friends and family are my support and they have held me through the toughest times and celebrated my success with more enthusiasm than I did myself! And my biggest source of motivation will be you. Yes. You. The one who is reading this post, the one who takes out time to appreciate my work or read my blog. I am forever blessed to have you guys in my life. Thank you for being the craziest audience ever! Thank you for appreciating my work & always being a huge motivation. For this energy & the immense positivity that all of you bring along with. I wouldn't be here without this support from you all, you have been to me what dreams are made of.

I can't wait to see what's in for the next year. But all I want to say is that it's gonna be an amazing year so just go with the flow, crave to create more moments and lasting experiences, let sky be the limit and failure not be a deciding factor but a stepping stone instead. Be positive & strong at all times. Ups & downs are a part & parcel of life, because how will you truly appreciate the good times if you never come across the bad? I genuinely believe that whatever happens, does so, for a reason. Destiny plays a huge part. Now that does not mean we put our feet up and anticipate success, it means that you slog hard, work your ass off and then leave it to the universe. Things will fall in place. Trust me. Do what you really want to do, because if not now, when?

I also wanted to make you understand that looking at my posts or my life, if you momentarily feel that my life is perfect or that I couldn't possibly be facing any issues at any time, that's not true. We as influencers go through a lot of stress. I don't like to speak about my hardships or how much I struggled to get here. But I can tell you, it wasn't easy. I try to show the best times of my life, the happy days, the positivity because that is something which is going to help people cheer up and take out a relaxed minute from their own hectic life because in the end everyone thinks of the happier times right?

I came across one post which goes parallel to what I mean here - "You can be strong and successful and depressed and anxious all at the same time. You wouldn't write off the achievements with someone with physical illness, and you wouldn't call their characters weak, right? Yet as a culture, we so quickly deem someone with mental illness as 'weak'." - Zara Barrie.

I believe we all are here to INSPIRE each other. Inspire, motivate & help while doing your own thing in this world! With inspire I also mean that it's all about learning from one another, learning what you feel would work for you or you feel is right for you. We can definitely be the change & get the change. The change doesn't have to be something hugely impactful. It can be so subtle that it was never your intention but turned out to be of such help to people, that they appreciate and understand your being. It can start with helping one person. They say charity begins at home, after all. I'm so grateful to the Universe for surrounding me with some good energies all the time.

I had mentioned this in one of my captions, putting it down again -

I do have a fashion blog, but it's not just about outfits, that's just how I started with it & taking that forward.. I have learnt so much about life in this journey. And more than just writing about Fashion & WhatIwore.. I also write about my life experiences which are interesting to share, we all learn through each other's experiences, don't we? It's all about how you take it in the end. But if you feel it, experience it & see something working for you....just share it with the world. You never know, your words can change someone completely, you never know who you are inspiring today, you never know how that could just connect you with somebody having a similar mindset, you never know what you'll learn out of it....I never thought I'd be sharing something like this today. I like stories, I like stories which are real, magical & which have faith. Stories that inspire me to go out there and achieve more. I do experience this faith, this feeling... And I want you to believe as well, as I love sharing what I love about my outfits, I also like sharing what I love about my life! I've learnt to be strong, learnt to give my best all the time, learnt to love my skin the way it is, love my flaws. I've learnt to learn from my mistakes & to be a free spirit!

Thank you for making every bit of my life special & thank you for being YOU! Have a wonderful & a positive year ahead. And as I always say - YOU ARE AMAZING!

Happy New Year!!! Go spread love this year, hug your close ones, go get what you want and stay happy!

Photos by - Mrinmai Parab

Location Courtesy - Courtyard by Marriott, Chakan


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