Travel Story - SINGAPORE!

Hey there! How is January treating you guys! A few of my travel stories are pending but here's a glance into one of my recent ones; my last trip of 2016! Singapore!

The city keeps you happy and gay which could be the reason why I spent my days completely relaxed. I wandered around, ate different exotic dishes & walked around the city like a total tourist! I absolutely loved the fact that it's a small place & everything is so near by.

I was there for a week! And it made me feel like I visited the place during the best time of the year! Oh yes, during Christmas! It's a beautiful city, the lights are all around you and they create a positive vibe! The city was vibrantly decorated for Christmas with fairy lights and other decor that totally brought on the holiday mood for me. Singapore is one city that welcomes you at night with bright lights and a complete party atmosphere. I am a total sucker for lighting. If you want to please me, put on some pretty lights and your job is pretty much done. This is one reason why my favourite festival in India is Diwali. I feel lights make you feel positive, happy & just change the mood for the better. :)

I stayed in 3 different hotels during my stay.

The first one was - Lloyd's Inn

Love their concept, this one's right from their website - "Everyone is different. Here at Llyod's Inn we understand that. We also understand that while we are different,we share common values on nature, space, light, texture, convenience and comfort. Taking a minimalist and almost reductive approach, we attempt to layer the multiple relationships between the city, hotel, nature and the traveler. Free of ornamentation and symbolism, the spaces celebrate the raw virtues and the beauty of nature and the essence of contemporary life on the road. An abode in the city, a space to escape and reconnect at the same time."

This is my personal favourite for its minimalist approach. Everything monochrome & the neat landscaping was visually appealing and set the tone for my stay. During the day, you'll see some really cool play of natural light & shadows! I love the whites, grays, blacks with a tint of green! Lloyd's Inn helps you connect with nature and gives you a break from the hectic city life and the buzz that surrounds us continuously. It takes you far away into a land of peace and rejuvenates your body, mind and soul.

Outfit Details:

Top - Vero Moda

Bottoms - Forever21

Shoes - Adidas Originals

Outfit Details: Top - Koovs, Overalls - Koovs, Shoes - Adidas Originals, Sunglasses - Charles & Keith

Want to know how my room was? So I was allocated the Business Deluxe Room - Designed with the business traveler in mind, this room features an ergonomic chair, a full stationary set and newspapers. It offers a conducive work space for the traveler on the go. The bed was on top giving a tiny space an improved and larger look. I absolutely loved the feel & the essence of my room. The bathroom again had natural lighting, talk about having a relationship with nature while you're taking a shower ;) Lloyd's Inn is all about that. Keep it minimal & classy :) Orchard Street is like a 7 to 10 mins walk from the hotel, that gives this hotel some brownie points! :) Usually cute is not an adjective one would use to describe a hotel in its entirety, but Llyod's Inn is classic cute!

2. The Quincy Hotel - This one is a multi-wining boutique hotel located in Orchard! This one's more on the commercial side and is located in the city interiors. The view from my room was full of skyscrapers and buildings almost touching the sky. Someone who loves the city & it's hustle will definitely enjoy this one. This hotel had quirky interiors that boasted of playful colours and vibrancy yet keeping the decor minimal and authentic. The Quincy Hotel caters to the demands of both the busy business executive as well as the discerning leisure traveler of today. And guess what! They also have a colour changing LED Illuminated infinity pool! How cool is that! You also get to enjoy some treats & light refreshments throughout the day! Their rooms are really stylish & chic! I was staying at one of their Studio Rooms & I'd say it was a pleasant stay. I would give 5 stars to the service there!

Outfit Details:

T-shirt - Tommy Hilfiger Dungarees - Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes - Adidas Originals

Bag - Accessorize

Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

3. Studio M - The thing that I really love about this hotel is its location. Some of the real cool cafes & eateries are close to this place. Common Man Coffee Roasters, PS. Cafe, Toby's Estate, Central Perk, Jumbo Seafood ! I was quite fond of my room but the service was incredibly disappointing. During the day of check in, I had to wait for 2 hours for absolutely no reason at all followed by non motivated room service, which means they didn't respond to my repeated room service calls. They lose some points for their service. Otherwise it's a wonderful place to stay at.

Outfit Details: Top - Bershka, Bottoms - H&M, Belt - Asos

Overall it was such a fun trip that I still have dreams of the city and the places I visited! Also visited some of the cool clubs in there - Empire, 1 Altitude, Bang Bang, Kyo. Everything is clean & the light is really bright in Singapore. The city leaves with you many things to do, no matter how much you wander around and explore. The architecture is amazing and it really satisfied my creativity! Creative, different & fun!