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Out in the streets ft. MAX FASHION

Can you believe the new year has started and the first month has almost come to an end? I recently did a fun shoot which made me get out and about in the streets of Mumbai. The day was a happy and sunny weekday, lots of sun and pleasant weather. That set the mood for the day and we had a real crazy time.

For the look, I chose a dress from Max Fashions that was soothing and easy on the eye. Blue! One of my favourite colours. The dress was tailor fit and such a comfort from the usually tight fitted outfits we get so obsessed with! I paired that with a free flowing ikat print jacket, again from Max Fashions, in a lighter shade to have a subtle combination for the easy look. The fabric of these separates was cotton which was so breathable and perfect for a day out in the city. I wore a pair of oxidized earrings to give my look an ethereal and a real feel. I went for white coloured Kolhapuri chappals with studs and a metallic anklet to add to my look. To keep the look easy and fun, I let my hair down and didn't delve into extreme high fashion. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed creating them.


--- GOOD VIBES ---


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