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A 'Free Spirit' ft. Spring Break

Hey there, after the sneak peeks, here is a post of the outfit that I created in collaboration with Spring Break. You might be wondering who styled and selected these specifics! I'm so proud to reveal to you, everything, that the team of Spring Break and I got together to create, which goes to speak volumes about the kind of person I am and what my style is. It's bold, high strung, vivacious and yet quite casual and fun at the same time.

For those of you who read my posts or are ardent followers of my work might be aware that I like to define my style as chic and edgy. It was surreal to get to know that I would be designing a piece and that itself took a while to sink in. But I was immediately on board and raring to go. Since my school days, I've been around millions of girls sketching away to glory, wanting to create that perfect outfit, trying their best to enter into this glamorous world and make a mark. It's a universe of possibilities with the most fashionable success stories. I was always enthralled and to have my own design was something I had always dreamt of, however clichéd it sounds.

So coming to the design of this particular outfit; I have always been inclined to separates rather than one piece and layering is something I have always fancied. I basically started out looking for a piece that could bring in the versatility and immediately gravitated towards the jacket. The Bomber jacket has dominated the fashion scene for quite a long time and yet remains to be one of the most trendy pieces you could pick up in any store. It's been adapted in a variety of ways and has survived the test of time, thus making it one of my all time favourites and the specific choice of a silhouette.

I've always maintained that I am the biggest denim fan that the world has seen and I would love to say I am not exaggerating here at all, but it's so true! But I was especially looking for something chic and decided to add a much sleeker fabric aka satin. The colour palette is kept subtle with colours like powder blue and blush pink. I find these pastel shades so incredibly pretty that they almost become tempting. I could almost eat them. I'm kidding :)

To give this Jacket an edgier and a slightly more distinguished look, I have played around with its length and went for one that was a little longer. I can vouch for the fact that this decision definitely changed the look of the Bomber. The length with the choice of shade gives it the edge that is required and further to make it sporty, I went for a ribbed detail at the collar and the hemline. And this is exactly how the jacket was curated from creating a vision of the same in my mind to coming to a decision about the minor detailing on the collar.

I was contemplating inserting a thing or two while making this design but went through lots of crumbled paper thrown into bins. Design after design was repeatedly and intensely improved upon and eventually, I decided to involve a slight personal touch. This is where we worked on the FREE SPIRIT! Oh yes! That's me described in two words.

For this particular look, I decided to keep the base outfit a monochrome to make sure the jacket grabs all eyeballs. We made the jacket spunky, casual and something that could be easily paired and worn because of the denim. I was very clear about keeping it minimal and bringing in a fun element to the look by adding a blush pink shade turned out to be a brave idea but a total success. This way the colour pops out but doesn't take over the rest of your outfit. It's subtle, edgy and guaranteed to stand out. There you go, a jacket designed by me that defines me and my style! Let me know just how chic and sporty you thought it was. You can shop it here! Hope you like it and enjoy wearing it :)



--- GOOD VIBES ---


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