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Denim on Denim it!

February is powering through and taking us for a complete ride! Apart from being 3 days short of an actual month (which means we need to work much more in the time we have), the onset of summer is a scary prospect for any Mumbaikar. Coming to the trend I'm covering today in this post, it's my favourite trend of all time. Zero points for guessing this one! Haha! It's obviously the classic denim on denim trend. It's great to see how we have always kept this trend alive. What truly irks my interest in this piece of fabric, the staunch thick material which can make a simple spaghetti go from basic to uber cool, by just pairing it with a jacket. A lot of people assume and consider the word “denim” synonymous with a pair of jeans or our classic jacket trend. But denim can mean so much more. It can go from shirts made of denim to even bikinis. And you can have fun creating your own style and looks with this age old material, by just a few minor variations.

Comfort clothing is something every girl in the world will swear by and this look is a mixture of both. The denim joggers from ONLY are a perfect combination of classic cool and comfort. The jacket, being denim, in a slightly lighter shade, makes it a subtle combination. I especially love the detailing in ONLY outfits. I mean, look at the slogan at the back; ‘There is thunder in our hearts'! This is probably why I love ONLY so much, the collections they offer are always fresh and young! To add to the classic denim look, I wore this graphic tee with sequins reading out 'Yes you CAN'. Now this was chosen purely based on the slogan and the extremely fancy use of the word CAN. Finally when the time came to decide on footwear, I chose my favourite black boots and a pair of vintage sunglasses! I am a girl who adores boots and wherever I can see opportunity to use them with an outfit, I do so. This was how the look was designed, I hope you guys take inspiration and make sure you experiment more with denim. The denim on denim look is one that can be pulled off in any setting. So go ahead and try it out But wait! Take a look at the pictures first. HAHA.



--- GOOD VIBES ---


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