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Vacay Vibes with ONLY

I have been travelling quite a lot lately and it’s been one hell of a ride, to say the least! These places take you to a new world and nothing can compare to a relaxed vacation. With travel, there are a few aspects which we all take into account before we hop, skip and jump to the plane and that is packing just the right clothes for your trip. I always emphasise on how important it is to have layers (especially on a trip having multiple pockets and layers can help immensely) and experiment with light layering and now I’m going to show you guys just how!

ONLY has a cool set of t-shirts which give a laid back Californian Summer feel along with being available in a wide variety of graphics, which are inspired by the trips we take. I picked up this t-shirt because of the comfort that comes with the trendiness. The fit is a relaxed one and you could wear it all day, every day! It was quite a task to choose one from the variety, but I finally zeroed down on the tropical print sleeveless t-shirt which screams VACATION and paired it with light denim shorts comprising of some patchwork detailing on it. I threw on an army green jacket to keep my comfort quotient high. The jacket adds a fun element and ensures that I never get cold, or am ready before hand in case the temperature takes a drop.

For the footwear, I went for the classic tie up Espadrilles which take care of your feet in case you want to play a little beach ball on the beach, run around in the sand or even just take a good long walk, with your shoes on! I tied my hair up because as we all very well know when there is sport involved, your hair goes up girls. I created this breezy and relaxed look for you all, so you don’t need to think twice before heading out for a vacation. Make sure you check out ONLY's collection to add some vacation vibe to your wardrobe! Make sure you get the right fit, a little loose never hurt! It leaves space to breathe and you will feel at ease throughout your trip! Now go look at the pictures And tell me what you thought.


Location Courtesy- THALASSA, MUMBAI

--- GOOD VIBES ---


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