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Capturing Moments with NUBIA

Hello there lovely people. Hope you all are doing well. The one thing everyone who goes through my posts will be aware of is the fact that I love to travel. For me traveling and exploring places and architecture has become a part and parcel of my life and I hope it remains this way for years to come! One aspect of travel is clicking great pictures and making memories that you can look back on. I have always maintained that a good phone comes in handy for capturing my lifestyle as I am always on the go and the effort that goes in keeping a camera, sometimes just isn’t worth it! Haha! This model that I received from Nubia is sleek and easy to handle while also capturing perfect moments with sharp accuracy and focus. The phone’s highlight includes 23MP camera that offers swift clicks with lively images, on hand. It contributes to capturing my travel experience to the fullest! But other than the camera, the phone incorporates many other features that are hard to find under a budget of 20k. It has a 3000 mAh Li-on Polymer battery, which gives me a chance to click unlimited selfies, without having to worry about the dying battery. Moreover, the phone also consists of a fingerprint scanner, which helps in taking screenshots and unlocks the phone, without the hassle of pressing some random buttons. Not just that, it has 64GB inbuilt memory, which is surely going to be handy for me to store all my high-quality traveling images. So, considering all these features, I don’t see any reason why you should not go to Amazon to order this amazing phone- to be precise this new Nubia Z11 MiniS DSLR - esque phone


Hair and Makeup by - MAUSAM GANDHI

Location Courtesy - AMANZI SKY BAR, BANDRA

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