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ONLY has unveiled a new and wickedly fun capsule collection which draws heavy inspiration from the age old Jim Davis comic strip 'Garfield'. I was excited the minute I heard of this idea as Garfield comics have been a favourite for our generation, for years! Common themes in the strip included Garfield's laziness, obsessive eating, coffee, and disdain of Mondays and diets. Now who wouldn't fall in love with a cat like that!

The collection called ONLY X GARFIELD is a young one that will make you go back in time, the minute you wear it. I created a look with a few basics from this collection and I can say it was one of my most comfortable shoots ever! I chose a track pant to keep it sporty and bralette with a cross back that can be instantly switched to a crop top look, if required ;) I also added a denim jacket by ONLY, which keeps me comfortable and cosy. This look could very well go under the standard athleisure format considering the sportiness and spunk in the outfit that can double up as something I may even go for a brunch in! I had fun creating this look, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures! ONLY features the cat on a variety of jackets, knee cut sweats, shirt dresses, etc. which is now available on their website! Check it out here :)


--- GOOD VIBES ---


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