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Denim as a fabric was always something I was partial to and since my childhood had different types of denims in my wardrobe. I feel comfortable and powerful in denims. The fabric is strong, bold and can also bring out your feminine side! These days you have anything and everything available in this fabric; right from pants, jackets to even boots and chokers!! It just adds to the fun quotient of your outfit. So I decided to denimize the world and created 3 looks here with ONLY.


The first look is a classic blue and white combination. It involves the classic skinny pair of blue denims with a blue denim jacket and a white shirt. It’s subtle and casual but can be a great option for a totally casual lunch or brunch date with your girlfriends! A jacket always makes a statement and this one with its imprint, definitely does!



For the second look I decided to play around with floral because you can’t miss out on florals in summer! This look is quite different than the first one in spite of wearing the same pair of denims. Here I am mixing up prints, which changes your style entirely. By adding a sleeveless denim jacket with rose print embroidery on it to a basic full sleeve plaid shirt, the outfit changes from sporty to a slightly more elegant one. It also depends on how you wear it; pairing with converse or sport shoes means you can even wear it for a concert or finish the look with a classic pair of pumps and you could head out to brunch in it! I added glasses to make it look kinda vintage and edgy.



Now just as look 1 was sporty and rugged, you might think look 3 is similar with the denim pants and a full sleeves jacket. But it’s got its own vibe which sets it apart. For this look, I am wearing lose pair of ripped denims, loved by most of our generation, paired it with a t-shirt and unlike the sporty jacket from the first look, went for a feminine denim trench. I went for a pair of nude pumps for a subtle yet sexy look. This look for me is rugged but sassy!

These are just a couple of ways to mix things up and there a million other ways to wear denim. I had a great time creating these looks with ONLY! I hope you enjoy the pictures and let me know what your favourite look is. Let’s step out and denimize the world!




--- GOOD VIBES ---


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