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The one trend that I can say for sure is going over the top and has everyone going crazy is ‘denim on denim’. Denim is everywhere. And not just our jeans or the usual jackets, it’s on our shoes and bags and hats. And I for one am definitely not complaining. For someone who loves denim as much as I do, this trend can go on for life and I will still find edgier looks and newer ways to pair it up. So some of you must be tired of this trend but let’s face it! Denim is an uber cool fabric and going overboard with it shouldn’t go wrong! So recently I created a look with United Colours of Benetton by pairing a crisp white shirt with blue jeans. The classic combination that always works. Don’t you guys feel like the denim has been used in a limited manner till now, when finally we are seeing different combinations! I love summer layering and so I picked a skinny pair of jeans from Benetton, whose fit I really, really loved! The length, since it is cropped also fits perfectly on the ankle giving it the exact look that I wanted in my outfit and also giving me major comfort. Usually we use jackets for layering but this time I decided to go with a light shirt which is breezy and perfect for summers; as it can get really hot and sweaty with a jacket on top, at this time of the year! And boy! Did it work! The best part is that with this look you can hit two trends in one stone. The denim on denim and the summer layering done just right! It works as smart causal and so to make it look dressier I used the monochromatic pumps and a choker. There! 3 trends in one shot. Isn’t that just great! What I really loved about this look was that it turned out minimal. Monochrome with denim is always a good idea. I had a lot of fun coming up with this look along with Benetton and I hope you loved it too. Take in all the pictures and let me know what you thought.



--- GOOD VIBES ---


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