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As you guys have seen before, I have quite a fascination with cars! Whoever has read my AbuDhabi story will know about this :P I was recently invited for the 2017 driver training at the Buddh International Circuit at BIC in Noida for the BMW M Driver Training and got a glimpse of their raging, powerful machines! We usually get to see a BMW quite often, being in a city like Mumbai, but the BMW M (M3, M4, M6 or the X6M) are cars that would rarely be seen on the roads of this city. They are performance cars with insane BHPs, braking and manoeuvrability.

We arrived at BIC and had a briefing session where everything about how to drive the car, the position to sit in and the kind of turns to take was explained by KK Wong (BMW Trainer) in precise detail, and everyone who had come for a driver training looked satisfied and excited! I decided not to take the driver’s seat myself but the whole experience was so great that I felt I had almost driven the car myself. We were given guidelines on the perfect way to steer and sit, how to take a turn while approaching a hair pin bend or a S bend and how to keep your state of mind calm and collected. We were paired up in groups of 2 and taken to do two different exercises one after another. We started with the lane changing exercise; sitting in the BMW M car was a huge deal in itself. The car is posh and smooth as hell. You can feel it from the moment you sit in. When the instructor took us for the lane changing experience, the way they change lanes was just surprising to watch. Everyone who had come for the training was taught how to do this quick shift in lanes while also keeping the same speed or how to change tracks in emergencies and we could see the excitement and nervousness on their faces! A fun filled experience and very adventurous as well. Everyone was given a try to see the power these machines hold and then we were taken for the next exercise- drifting. The instructor KK Wong, was leading - giving out guidelines on how to control the car, while maintaining the same speed you have been driving at. Drifting in lay man terms is when the front car wheels are turned in the opposite direction while taking a turn! Isn’t that sexy!

We completed 25 laps quite fast. The cars are powerful, ravishing and strong. Everything you want in a car, basically. Their designs are sleek, subtle and still make a very bold statement. The BMW M cars are not regular, they are exquisite and high end models! “These M-badged cars traditionally include modified engines, transmissions, suspensions, interior trims, aerodynamics, and exterior modifications to set them apart from their counterparts.” It was a great experience for me and would recommend it to anyone who is really into cars. I had also put up my live experience on Snapchat, Instagram and shot a live Facebook session from inside the car! I’m sure you guys enjoyed that, so now go ahead and enjoy the pictures.

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