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People say no body is perfect, do you agree to that? Just wanna highlight a few things when we say nobody is perfect... honestly, who has actually defined PERFECT. Like what is this perfect all about and why can't you be perfect? YOU have the power to change that statement and make your life a perfect life for YOU! We all talk about someone in particular and fantasise about how perfect they are or their life is. To be honest, every individual on this planet has different stories & different perspectives towards things. For that matter, for every individual the meaning of perfect is also different. The term perfect itself is so subjective. It's the way you look at it. You can make everything look perfect if you want to...If you just see it that way, everything will be perfect for you. But for that to happen, it's very important to be happy with what you have in the present and treat that as perfect in the first place, because that's exactly what is perfect for YOU! There are different aspects in life of which you will always be first, your body & soul follow, then are your relationships with friends & family, and then comes your work, your career. There's so much more to life. For every individual there's one part which is just not perfect, by not perfect I mean it's not the way they want it to be... but that's only making them stronger to overcome that, the fear the insecurities and learning to deal with life the way it is.

When you look at an individual and say that he or she is perfect, there is some part of their life which they're working on to overcome that which only they know about. What you see is not the actual story. You have to be grateful for the things that are happening your way, I'm sure there are certain things that you are happy about! Acceptance is the key to happiness & once you accept things the way it's coming to you, that's perfect. Things seem to look perfect & that's best for that moment and for you.

Never think any lesser about yourself just by comparing to others, you are the best the way you are and there's a reason behind everything that's happening. So just better your best. :) Because you're perfect!

Wearing - Lulu & Sky

Photos by - Mrinmai Parab

--- Good Vibes ---

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