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Hello guys! I hope you are all having a sunny summer and quite sure most of us are waiting for the rain. Summers for most of us are synonymous to travelling. And for every person from this generation, the one thing that goes hand in hand with travel is clear pictures that almost have a professional image quality. Not just bloggers, everyone loves a good picture and especially a selfie. I recently attended the launch of OPPO F3 Plus and decided to let you guys know a few details and perks of having this phone! For someone who is not into technology, it can become very difficult to decide which phone to buy and that’s why I felt OPPO sorts this issue out. Not only does it have a 16MP resolution for the individual selfie camera but also has a group selfie dual camera, which is a huge rage, like anyone from the Gen Next will be able to tell you! What I really liked about the phone was the higher energy density battery which makes sure your phone lasts for 15 hours. Longer endurance without rushing to our handbags for power banks and chargers sounds amazing right? I would say if you are planning to pick a phone sooner or later, wait for the gold and rose gold versions, they will be out this May and those colours never go out of fashion! The phone is specifically built to have a separate mode for group selfies and that is quite exciting! The effects available for lighting, editing, etc are something I tried out myself when I got to check out the phone and that turned out to be very impressive! One phone can really change the way we function and everything we do. It makes work easier and hassle free and OPPO is exactly what we all need! I hope I have helped at least a few of you in deciding which phone to buy, come May! The event was greatly informative about the features and the different ways in which we all use our phones! Enjoy the pictures x


--- Good Vibes ---


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