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A vacation in Cuba is what everyone dreams of! Now what comes to your mind the minute someone says Cuba? Havana! La Habana which is the capital city of Cuba, is a major fashion destination and has been in the spotlight for inspiring trends on the runway. ONLY has come up with a collection which takes inspiration from this exotic place and mixes up the prints to create a bold and vibrant look in every outfit. These colours are such that they immediately put you in the vacation mood and there is nothing conventional about them. Which is exactly why I loved the choices that they have, every outfit comes from a particular colour palette but there still exists a large variety from which you can take a pick.

The Havana theme is also something that is very relatable to this weather. Summer means vibrant prints and bold colours and this theme along with this specific collection will offer you just that. From denims, shorts, dresses, tees ONLY has a large collection and they haven’t even forgotten hats! I decided to style myself from this range; picking out a crotched top in their lovely palette even being a summer, I decided to go ahead with it and break the notion that knits and summers don’t go hand in hand. Come to think of it, even bikinis are knitted nowadays. The perforations on the top kept me airy and I was comfortable throughout. I paired it with a pair of denim shorts to keep it as simple as you can be, with a floral embroidery on it which I really loved. To finish off the look and compliment my top I went for a pair of striped espadrilles. I kept the look simple, fuss free and decided to let the colours do the talking. After all Havana means a huge focus on the colours and that itself sets the look apart from any other theme out there. This was styled from the ONLY Havana collection. Let me know what you liked in the comments!


Photos by - MOHIT VARU


--- GOOD VIBES ---


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