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An Indian wedding is a larger than life celebration and the bride looks resplendent, outshining every other person present at the wedding. And more often than not, the reason for this glow is the choice of jewellery. I believe that accessories can make or break an outfit and even for bridal wear, every single piece of jewellery can count. Tanishq launched a new bridal collection “Rivaah” which is the amalgamation of the words ‘Rivaaz’ and ‘Vivah.’ This collection outlines different types and patterns of jewellery for different communities and yet keeps it a great mix, in a way where a Bengali bride could easily pick out something custom made keeping in mind a Gujarati bride and still be happy. This jewellery has a variety to choose from, be it regional or comtemporary. They also have pieces that are ethnic, vibrant and gives you a true feel of being home.

I visited the Tanishq store and found that it's not only something that you could wear as a bride but can easily be worn for someone’s wedding. And that gives you a lot of opportunity to go shopping! Haha! They have pieces with peacock patterns, dolis and such other unconventional variety that depict love and marriage. The wedding season also means that you have a huge stock of jewellery ready to be flaunted whenever you need. Different pieces work well with different outfits and I always keep some extra jewellery handy, just in case, I feel like mixing things up a bit. One thing that is taken care of is the selective shopping that we can do with Tanishq.

So this time when I had to style myself, with the wide variety of options available in jewellery pieces, I must say it was a task finally deciding and picking out the one piece for this look. Because the lehenga was a very simple and and not heavy on detailing, I automatically went for the heavier neckpiece. This neckpiece was grand and took over my outfit entirely making it look royal and elegant. I chose not to wear earrings as the neckpiece was the star of my outfit and didn’t need any more shine! I went for a maangtika instead. When it comes to the wrist, I prefer slightly delicate and subtle pieces instead of the bold ones and so I chose a kada in one hand and a vanki in the other. A vanki is basically an arm cuff and adds a lot of style to the completed look. I finished it off with a ring and I was good to go. This was how I styled myself from the ‘Rivaah’ collection by Tanishq after a lot of brainstorming about the exact pieces to pick, just because of the incredible variety in jewellery that the collection has to offer. Do let me know what you thought of the look! Enjoy the pictures XX


Outfit Courtesy - FLYROBE

--- GOOD VIBES ---


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