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I had an interview earlier today, where I was asked what I would like to say to all the women out there and my only answer was what I always tell all of you 'Be Confident'. You gotta be confident in what you do, in your own skin, in what you wear & most importantly, for who you are. Nobody can take away that confidence from you, and that confidence will motivate you to do more... because it takes away the fear. The fear of being judged, the pressure that you create in your mind about what others are going to say or the way they will react. It just makes you extremely comfortable with what you know and what you are as a person! Every situation seems to be fine and even amazing! When you have accepted things and you are confident about it, you will see something so different in the way people react and that feeling is great, it makes you feel good about yourself. Be confident and keep learning. Even if something doesn't work your way, it's okay! Like SO WHAT... it's not a big deal. You will get there, but till then learn to give your best with whatever you have :') I have learnt this over time, with experiences. It feels amazing when I think about it, the process and how confidence has just made me more confident with time <3 if you get what I mean. So yes, your confidence will define you and you need to make sure you get the best definition of yourself from it. I also want to talk to you guys about how to deal with things that let you down and I plan to do that soon in one of my upcoming posts. :) Now let's talk about this beautiful outfit that I wore while I was in Maldives recently! It's such a delicate yet a strong piece. It's so feminine and gorgeous. This is from Tommy X Gigi SS'17 collection. Mrinmai and I loved shooting this editorial. Enjoy the pictures and don't forget to be confident :) Always x

Wearing: Tommy Hilfiger

Photos by: Mrinmai Parab

Location: Maldives

--- Good Vibes ---

#TommyHilfiger #Maldives

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