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When it comes to shopping, I'm sure we girls need no reason at all! But here are 13 reasons why I love shopping from ONLY during sale!

  1. Like I’ve always said about ONLY, the style is young and effortless chic. And when such products go on sale, you don’t think twice. You just rush to your nearest store.

  2. Their website is just as cool and efficiently designed to make sure you have a vast variety to choose from and is easy to manoeuvre. So call your besties, grab some popcorn and SHOP!

  3. Because a massive discount on the brand that does the best denims is such a steal!

  4. ONLY is one brand that comes up with new collections very often and they’re usually bang on with trends, which is a major motivation to shop their sale!

  5. Because their denim jackets and jeans collection is truly out of the world and it would be a sin to miss out on!

  6. Also, who else pulls off the crazy one liners that the ONLY tees do.

  7. Because what better way to bring out and show case your crazy styling ideas!

  8. Because their tropical printed t-shirts and cool tees have the perfect relaxed and breezy fit that we have all been dying to find in this heat!

  9. And we all need new summer dresses for our Sunday brunches, don’t we?

  10. Because when you travel like I do, ONLY has the perfect fix for all your outings. Be it a trench jacket or a simple tee for the tropics!

  11. Because I swear I could tell you at least 20 more reasons why! :P

  12. Because when you leave the comfort of your home, it should only be when shopping is involved. And that too for this great a sale!

  13. Because ONLY knows what is trending and what we mean when we say edgy. And no one else does it quite like them!

So go ahead and SHOP!! Hope you enjoy the pictures xx



--- Good Vibes ---


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