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Aren't red carpet looks a total inspiration? With most red carpet looks there is always a perception attached that it does not necessarily work for real life. But with the looks that I am about to show you guys today, through this post, you will realise that if you pick the right styles, you can not only make it work but also own it. I recently created 3 hairstyles, with the help of some BBLUNT products, which are inspired from the red carpet look but are simpler versions and totally manageable. I used three different products for the hairstyles and it was quite fun experimenting and letting my hair down for this one. Literally :P

Starting with the first look, I used the BBLUNT Back to Life Dry Shampoo which is your ultimate go to product when you simply have no time for your regular hair bath. This product is super easy to use - you just hold it upright, six inches away from your hair and spray it evenly, close to the roots. Leave it on for 2 minutes and massage it well. Not just that but it works wonders to give your hair the volume it craves otherwise. I decided to go with a side partition and then braid my hair. So my hair was divided in 3 parts and braided the usual way. It gives your hair a bounce and the braiding instills a fun element in the over all look, keeping it old school and still strangely enough, contemporary.


The second look is a classic low bun which is all sleek and no nonsense. It's a simple centre partition which is then tied into a low bun and finished off with BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish which is a spray on serum, which gives the hair shine and adds a glossy, sophisticated look to the hair.


With the third look I decided to go with a slick back hairstyle. This is achieved using the BBLUNT Gel Oh! which is a natural hold gel for the hair and helps you keep the hair looking stylish by using a liquid. It doesn't make your hair hard and keeps it easy and free flowing but holds it in place. It's a classier look and a unique one if you want to try something different and depart from the usual.


These were the three looks I tried and loved. Taking inspiration from the red carpet and yet making it suitable for our day to day needs, I thought I will bring them to you :) I hope you loved the hairstyles, do look at the pictures and let me know your thoughts.

Photos by Mrinmai Parab

Makeup by Mausam Gandhi

Location- Mumbai Vibe

--- Good Vibes ---


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