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FINALLY! I planned to do this one. So many of you have been asking me about my tattoos and piercings. Well! Before I get into the details of my tattoos, I would like to talk a little about my piercings. So I have a belly piercing, some ear piercings and a dermal piecing on my neck. Where did I get my tattoos & piercings done? - Als, Bandra.

I have always had a really good experience with them, and if there's any issue with my tattoos or my piercings, I always go to them and they actually fix it for me! :)

For my dermal neck piercing I definitely took anaesthesia before doing it, so I couldn't feel the pain at all & after it's done... it heals quickly, at least mine did. So far my piercings are doing great! But ofcourse you have to take a little extra care of the dermal one so that you don't end up hurting yourself. You've to be aware of the little things like while changing clothes, wearing accessories. doing your makeup etc. It's basically like an anchor to your skin, but if you really plan on getting this one you should go and visit Als, they will be better at explaining it.

So yes, moving on! My tattoos. I always had one tattoo before I got my recent ones - the one that said ' GOPALAS '

This is slightly spiritual & religious and there is a reason behind it. My father is a hotelier and we have restaurants named after Gopalas, we believe in God Krishna, and Gopalas is Krishna... and it's given a lot to my family and myself. That's my belief and hence the tattoo.

It's a Back of Neck Tattoo and was done by my dear friend Larissa almost 4 years back.

Let's start with my Free Spirit tattoo now...

This is is because I can relate to a Free Spirit ( Inked on my Side Rib ) so much. I believe that's what I am, a free spirited soul and I never ever want to forget that or let that go!

I'm a very carefree person when it comes to things... Sometimes I won't even react to certain issues which according to others might be serious or wrong but I might just not take that as a big deal. I always wanna be conscious about who I am and my purpose of living. I don't care what others think of me, I always do what I feel is the right thing to do in any given situation. I follow my heart, my mind and my soul by being a free spirited person.

I can keep talking on this because there's so much about me here... my inner self and my beliefs.

But I shall, at the right time :)


The next one is Positive Energy

This again is a very interesting tattoo because Positive ( Inked on my Left Inner Elbow ) is written in words, and Energy has a symbol. The wave tattoo of mine is a symbol for energy ( Inked on my Left Elbow ) , vibrations and together it becomes Positive Energy or Vibrations. One of my favourite! I believe in the Universe and that has only taught me to be positive. I have always been an optimistic person and I would want to be that person all my life. And the tattoo is just for me to remember to be positive in all circumstances of life. This is what gets me here today, and it's going to keep me going! Yes, keep that positive attitude strong & rule the world!


Last one - A Heart

Because love is all you need, isn't it? <3 ( Inked on my Right Inner Wrist )

I don't have any more explanation for this one :')

So these are some of the tattoos that I have. I definitely plan to get some more, cute ones, but for now I'm not really sure what I want. I can only get it when I feel it from within and when it means something to me. Also I love minimal tattoos, it's just so personal to me and it's like my identity now :)

Do you guys love tattoos? And if you have any or want to share any ideas, do let me know by commenting below. Hope you enjoyed this one x


Photos by Mrinmai Parab

Wearing - Flirtatious

Location - Male, Maldives

--- Good Vibes ---

#Maldives #Tattoo

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