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When it comes to travel, London comes as top priority in most people’s list and I was always one among them. Even though I have been there around 5 years back, a chance to visit that city again is not something anyone will refuse. The place has a life of its own and London is one city where every citizen of every country will not just merge in the chaos but appreciate and enjoy it. And that is exactly what happened. When OPPO gave me the chance to go watch the match, I jumped on it. They were the sponsors of the Indian Cricket Team for the ICC Championships Trophy 2017! I felt grateful to them for shipping me off to London for cheering team India!

The trip started with off with me being super excited about the match and visiting one of my all time favourite cities. OPPO being the official partner for the match was a huge deal and I felt very excited. I checked in a hotel at Wembley and as the people who were joining me had not arrived I decided to take a look around and explore the city a bit. I had lunch and strolled around the city all afternoon followed by a nice meal street side at Oxford Circus. Mexican food! At the all time famous Wahaca. I was travelling by myself for that day and was figuring out how to use the card for the tube. And guess what! I jumped into the wrong train! It was a super fun experience and I still laugh when I think of what a crazy time I had figuring my way back because I had no network or wifi. Especially since the recent attacks in London, I knew everyone was being careful and alert and even I was making sure I kept my guard on, at all times. This day was nice and chilly and I spent most of it roaming around and waiting to meet the Oppo crew!

Wearing: Sweater - F21, Bottoms - Topshop, Shoes - Adidas Originals, Sunglasses - Asos


The next day started with some crazy excitement for watching the match live at The Oval stadium and hoping that India would win. It was India Vs Srilanka. I took my selfie expert, the OPPO F3 along with me to get some fun pictures for my blog and social media! And all I was doing was creating memories :) I was clicking all my pictures using that phone and was so happy with the camera quality and especially the selfies. The selfie from this phone is just something else! Even the picture of the phone was clicked by the OPPO phone of one of the team members. So all my pictures which look so wonderful are all thanks to that phone! The twelve MP selfie camera which is usually for a group also captures self-shots very well and especially for me it was a huge help as the frame and outfit shots came out so great, I was insanely happy. For solo travellers this one definitely does justice to your selfies! We reached the stadium at 10.30 and the whole feel of being there, stepping in to the hospitality lounge once in a while to grab some food and the excitement around us was a great vibe. It was cold outside so the lounge was nice and warm. We spent the whole day clicking pictures with OPPO and taking videos and enjoying the game. India did not win but the whole experience of watching live was something different. The noises the people make, the screaming, cheering and shouting is crazy to watch. It was my first experience watching a match at a stadium & it was amazing! Thank you Oppo for such a wonderful experience! After the game we got back in the evening and went for snacks and a nice dinner.

Wearing : Top - Tommy X Gigi, Coat - Tommy X Gigi, Bottoms - Zara, Shoes - Asos, Bag - Guess, Sunglasses - Ray-Ban


For Day 3 we had decided to cover all the touristy spots and I continued capturing more frames with my OPPO F3. Even though I had seen these places, it was 5 years back and so going again was still exciting. We first went to Buckingham Palace and clicked loads of selfies and picture of the royal guards and the structure. We then went to Westminster Abbey, which was such a beautiful walk as the weather was chilly and cloudy but thankfully did not rain. There is a very famous joint called Wagamama where we had our lunch, which is on Oxford street where all the cool eating and shopping is located. Even though I was supposed to shop later, I couldn’t stop shopping there! You guys know how much I love shopping! <3 We got back that day tired because of all the walking around and then had our dinner. I want to tell you guys how I really loved dressing up in London, the weather, the people, the architecture, everything just allows you to dress up FTW. You can do layering which is not possible in Mumbai and I always have fun doing it!

Wearing: Top - Nakd Fashion, Bottoms - Koovs, Jacket - Tommy Hilfiger, Shoes - Zara, Bag - Adidas Originals, Choker - Stradivarius, Sunglasses - Asos


That was 3 days of my trip and the fourth day was for London Eye, Thames river cruise which takes up time. The picture from London Eye is overwhelming and you just can’t stop looking around! We headed to the river cruise and I didn’t take a lot of pictures here as they explain the structures and different things about London, which was quite exciting. We had lunch at this Italian place Cafe Vergnano near London Eye where the ravioli was so good! Because I had already been to London tower I didn’t go inside and just strolled around outside and clicked pictures, of course. I also caught up with a friend of mine who lives there and headed to a pub in the evening. The weather was sunny on my fourth day and I was wearing a denim skirt and sweatshirt but also carried my trench in case it became cold.

I feel grateful to OPPO for giving me this opportunity to take a trip to London and watch the match live. I have to say here that the phone is insanely good as a travel partner and you don’t need to depend on anyone for pictures. I took all my pictures with it and was so happy with them! It captured my outfit, the food, the places most amazingly. I hope you enjoyed reading my travel story and now make sure you look at all the pictures I am talking about! Also, I extended my London trip for a week and I shall soon be writing about the things that I did there x

Wearing: Sweatshirt - Nakd Fashion, Skirt - F21, Coat - Tommy X Gigi, Socks - F21, Shoes - Zara, Bag - Guess

--- Good Vibes ---

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