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Hey there! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! :D I’ve been travelling around the globe in the last two years and the one question that I get asked quite often is how I manage to get so much work done, in terms of editing, putting up content or even staying abreast with trends. And when I respond by saying that I always carry my laptop around, immediately the next question flies out- isn’t that a task? Except, it’s not! I’ve carried my HP Spectre with me to most of my trips, London being one of them.

London is a beautiful city and my trip has turned out to be everything I hoped for! The people, the food and the structures that make this city what it is, are monumental and had me falling in love. But what made my trip even better was me making sure that I was completing my work on time, every single day, while I traveled with my companion, HP Spectre. This black and golden beauty is feather weighted and easy to carry. Most people are unsure when they pack a laptop with them for a trip but in case of HP Spectre I never have to worry, because of the bare minimum space that it demands in your handbag. It’s extremely thin & light and not just to pack and fly with but also to carry around while you walk those beautiful streets and explore the city. Experiencing the magnificent streets of London, with a powerful yet sylish machine was the plan! And so I took my work with me to Borough Market and Shard, Museum of London, Carnaby Street and many other places that I visited. I used to charge it overnight and happily roam around with the sleek gadget during the day. And guess what? The battery always lasted. Long lasting battery was one of my priorities and HP Spectre exceeds expectations. I could switch it on as I sat at ‘Joe and the Juice’ and get a little bit of my work done and I was good to go. Because of the stylish built it looks great in all pictures and every type of environment. I even ended up using it a bit on my red bus ride at Liverpool Street. So convenient! The Spectre has to be one of my most cherished belongings that comes with me on my trip, helps me be super productive and makes the trip stylishly memorable! The bright and contrast rich HD display and the tactile keyboard are reasons that keep me hooked on to watching my personal favourites. For me, this trip would be one of the most memorable ones! The HP Spectre is a downright stunner made with a great emphasis on design. The black and golden look makes it fashionable without making it look gaudy and as I am very interested in design and detailing it is always amazing to have a perfect and stylish travel partner when you are on a journey. LONDON is always a good idea! Check out the places I went roaming, with my lappy in London & stay tuned for some more travel stories coming your way x

The Athenaeum Hotel, London

Carnaby Street, London

Borough Market, London

The Shard, London

Museum Of London

St Mary Axe, London

St Paul's Cathedral, London

Joe & The Juice, Regent Street, London

--- Good Vibes ---

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