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I'm sure whoever's reading this will relate in some or the other way. I'm not sure what exactly I want to convey but it's just me expressing myself because of a lot of different experiences that I'm going through simultaneously.

We all go through a phase when everything feels uncomfortable and sometimes unfair. Well, all I have to say is that 'YOU ARE STRONG' and you will get through this. Always remember that it's just a phase in your life and not your life. This feeling starts from our own energy first and then the energy around us. Things happen for a certain reason and it's meant to happen that way so you end up in a better state of mind, body and soul tomorrow. So it's definitely happening for the good and specifically for YOUR good.

People also ask me how l manage to be positive all the time. I feel that I do try to be positive in all situations, but there are times when I feel the exact opposite and that's when it hit me. More than trying to be positive at that point, it's about being AWARE.

The dots are gonna eventually join but while you are on it you need to be aware of what you are feeling and if it's really worth feeling that way. Give it a good thought and you will know the answer, deep down you know the truth behind feeling a particular way and how you consciously or subconsciously have attracted that situation in your life. By being aware you also know how you can now change the situation or detach from it using your own energy. YOU are the only one who can help yourself because you yourself know all the answers. You see signs, you get those vibrations. YOU are the one who's supposed to be aware of your thoughts and what vibrations you are sending into the world.

You are strong, keep saying that to yourself. Be aware about the kind of strength you carry. You have to fight this battle. In the end we all are fighting our own battles, right? We form relationships when we learn the art of attachment so we also have to learn the art of detachment in a positive way. That's what we are here for. We have to experience all sorts of emotions and still learn to live happily with a positive attitude.

It's a process for all of us, to learn and in the end be strong and happy with what we have now, in the very present moment.

Love this line - " Let go of old 'what ifs' and concentrate on the here and now "

Self awareness is all about understanding more of what's really important to you and what you want from life. Life keeps going on and you have to move along with it by living it to the fullest <3

And now coming to this editorial, I shot this while I was in Maldives. It's my expression of being a STRONG soul in this universe. One of the self awareness exercises also includes connecting yourself with nature and for me it's the beach. A visit to the beach always leaves me feeling alive both mentally and physically. The Ocean truly has it's own healing power. What are you? A mountain or a beach person? Would love to know your experiences with nature and how it has helped you grow :')

Enjoy this one x



Swimwear - Flirtatious

Boots - Zara

Photos by Mrinmai Parab

--- Good Vibes ---


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