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Hey there! What are your plans for the long weekend? I guess I'm going to sit back and relax at home. That sounds like a plan, doesn't it?! Haha! Coming to this post- what comes to your minds when someone says “grunge”? I guess everyone from this generation possesses a minor attitude of what grunge originally stood for. Casual, comfortable and edgy at the same time! Grunge, essentially looked upon as a thoughtless, unconventional look with all its ripped jeans and flannel shirts, has come around to be much more than just casual dressing. With a host of new designs, the whole definition of ‘grunge’ has undergone a massive revolution. ONLY taps into this age old culture that was originally born out of a music phenomenon and takes the alternative, un-fashion movement to a totally different level. Why I absolutely love the grunge look is because it does not conform. It symbolises a generation that is confident in their skin and does or wears whatever they feel like. ONLY with “Grunge on the Prairie” pushes the trend further ahead and brings about a whole new collection that will make most of us nostalgic. Feminine, girly and resorting to sweet-valley high inspired looks, the outfits are set against dark and almost sinister backdrops that escalate the basic thought behind ‘grunge on the prairie’. Rose prints, ruffles and broderie lace are a few keys trends that have seeped into building a grunge look. Departing from the usual, what I really loved about this collection is the way ONLY has brought a change in the way ‘grunge’ is looked upon. By making it playfully chic and incorporating lace, ruffles and a wide variety of prints. So I decided to style an outfit from this collection and I was stumped with the kind of choices that were available. Leaning towards this feminine dress with ruffles and a rose tinge, I absolutely loved the tunic style piece which elevates the “grunge” quotient and keeps it edgy and different from the usual dresses we come across. I picked up a denim jacket and instead of going for the full sleeved one, I picked out the short sleeved uber cool one, which complemented the dress beautifully. I paired it with chunky boots that go perfectly with a ‘grunge’ look. A choker and some dark eye makeup added the final touch, finishing off my look which I built from ONLY’s latest collection! This was my outfit from “Grunge on the Prairie” which is not excessively casual but still suggesting comfort and ease like most grunge outfits tend to! I hope you liked it. Let me know through comments xx





Hair and Makeup - MAUSAM GANDHI

--- Good Vibes ---


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