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How are you guys doing? I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! It's already September and all of us who decided to get fitter and make healthier choices this year, 8 months are already up! Be it your food intake or other essentials like choosing the right products for your hair or skin, self care is a necessity! It is definitely no surprise that Avocado is a fruit that has grown in importance over the past few years. I am an avocado lover and most of my breakfasts or mini meals consist of this fruit, in one form or the other. Be it through chunks of avocado in my salad, on my early morning toast or simply gobbling up the fruit itself, I make sure I consume Avocado daily. Avocado were first used by early Egyptians for moisturising dry or damaged hair. Apart from the obvious benefits such as weight loss and skin care Avocado serves as a tremendous help for hair care due to the variety of Vitamins present in it. A lot of girls ask me how to bring avocado into their lifestyle; not everyone has access to the fruit on a regular basis and it’s not exactly reasonable either. Which is why, I recommend the Intense Moisture Serum by BBLUNT. A new introduction in their range of hair products, this serum is made of Avocado, Jojoba and Argan Oil which makes your hair easier to manage.

This little bottle that contains ample amounts of Vitamin E and Jojoba will be your daily dose of Avocado in a bottle. BBLUNT has got it just right by introducing avocado in our hair moisturising routine. This serum provides a huge boost of nourishment to your hair, especially if it’s dry and takes care of your scalp by giving it a great source of vitamin E. It’s quite a task to consume different food groups that will provide an all-round nourishment through essential vitamins and that contributes heavily to the importance of having a serum which will smoothen your hair.

The best way to use this product is to take a coin size amount into your palms and apply it evenly by focussing on mid lengths and ends. You can always add a little more or less as per the length of your hair. But make sure you apply this serum post your shower after you have dried your hair with a towel. The perfect time of application is when your hair lies damp, before you use any heat on it. And voila! You will have a glossy shine to your otherwise dry and rebellious hair. I would say it’s the perfect remedy for every one of us who have cribbed about putting fruit or other raw material in our hair! And an additional perk is that you can use a small amount even on dry hair to give it that extra shine and softness. With the contents present in this serum, you no longer have to worry about intense hair care routines, just apply this serum post a calm shower and style your hair in whichever way you desire! Enjoy the pictures xx



Photos by- MOHIT VARU

Location courtesy- THE BOSTON BUTT

--- Good Vibes ---


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