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Hey guys, how is it going for all of you? As for me, there's a lot happening in terms of travel and shoots, which means there are a lot of travel and other stories coming up! I recently styled a look with ONLY's latest Limited Edition Collection that was launched today! I am sure it comes as no surprise that the mischievous character ‘Donald Duck’ is now a part of their collection; ONLY has given us quite a few reasons to get nostalgic in the recent past, be it through their 'Mickey Mouse' collection or even the incredibly lazy ‘Garfield’ who was welcomed by every 90s kid with open arms. These characters are iconic and have created a whole generation of children who associate heavily to animation just by remembering the classic ‘Donald Duck’ or 'Mickey Mouse’. And ONLY gets it just right by printing these legends on our clothes and yet keeping it immensely stylish.

What I really love about their Limited Edition collections is their ability to innovate the icon and caricature and bring out its most fun and quirky side on our outfits. The yellow legged- white duck with a sailor shirt and cap requires no introduction! Most of us grew up watching him for hours on TV, days without Netflix. The collection includes a variety of pieces including different types of shirts, tees, sweatpants, etc. which are super fun to wear and keep the trend going. I decided to create an outfit using a piece from their collection and chose a Donald Duck print t-shirt with a black and yellow striped pattern. The grumpy face of Donald on it with the words ‘Caution’ depict his mischievous ways and temperamental personality to the fullest! Haha. I went for a pair of relaxed fit denims and to add a little edge to this outfit, went for red boots and red lips. And that is how I put together a fun outfit from ONLY’s Donald Duck collection. Take a look at the pictures and let me know how you found the entire look xx





--- Good Vibes ---


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