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My Abu Dhabi visits have been such a great part of my travel experiences that I feel I have learnt much more visiting this city numerous times than doing certain trips that are rushed and sometimes fail in showing you simpler, smaller things, which are only observed on your second or third tour! Abu Dhabi was a city I visited just last January with Visit Abu Dhabi and because of the cold weather it turned out to be an entirely different experience than this time. Last time I also used to layer myself up and enjoy the cold and this time it was all sunny, so I packed my summer clothes, but I was also sure about being indoors during most events so carried a jacket or two just incase the air-conditioner got me freezing! I will definitely attach my last trip’s link and every one who wishes to go through my last experience, can visit the page - FIRST TRIP OF 2017 WITH VISIT ABU DHABI and take a look! Last time was all about the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the Marina Circuit drive and not forgetting my stay at the Telal Resort! So so good!

This time, however, was summer time and I was quite surprised to know that people refrain from visiting the city in summers fearing the heat. But the whole summer trip was such a fun and sunny experience that I would definitely recommend everyone to try out the Abu Dhabi summer! If you follow me on my social media platforms y'all will know that I did a trip to Abu Dhabi during Mid August'17!

The architecture in this city is something that becomes a talking point with the best properties around that endorse luxury and leisure. The people are warm and inviting and everyone who visits gets a good dose of their wonderful hospitality. The city also has a fantastic line up of totally cool and happening experiences, specially curated for summers! We stayed at the ‘Dusit Thani Hotel’ which is one great property with a view that overlooks the city! Dusit Thani was the "Official Hotel Partner for Abu Dhabi Summer Season 2017" from 20th July to 20th August.

As we reached the city at around 12pm, it was almost lunch time and so Usaamah and I immediately headed to this restaurant called ‘Urban Kitchen’ after checking in. It was a buffet lunch and after eating till our stomachs were super full, I decided to nap for a bit and then head for a spa session at Namm Spa, right there in the hotel itself! Namm Spa has been crowned with the prestigious World Luxury Spa Award 2017. It turned out to be the perfect decision as I relaxed my mind and body and got super energised for what lay ahead!


Wearing: Pants - ZARA, Jacket - SCOTCH & SODA, Shoes - BALENCIAGA, Suitcase - TOMMY HILFIGER



As I’ve been to Ferrari World a couple times before, it wasn’t a new sight but the great part about visiting places repeatedly is that you already know what you like and where to go! I have two rides that I am extremely fond of and since we went at 5ish, we didn’t even stand in long lines, something I’ve experienced the last few times I have come here. The lines can get really long! As I was with Usamaah, I had company and one thing I didn’t want to miss out on was the Formula Rosa and Flying Aces!

Favourite rides! Haha.

This day was so complete that we decided to just head back and pass out. What with the Spa, heavy lunch and some fun rides! Dinner was given a complete miss. Haha!


Wearing: Top - STRADIVARIUS, Denims - NAKD, Shoes - Zara


DAY 2:

The next day started off on a high note, I was super surprised by the enormity of the experience and the place that we were taken to - Zaya Nurai Island Resort! Sometimes when you go with expectations, you can be disappointed if the place does not live up to it. But when you go unaware is when you have the best time of your life. The ZAYA NURAI Island Resort is one place I would recommend to everyone travelling to Abu Dhabi. As soon as we reached the resort in the afternoon, the villa and the entire property blew my mind. Of course in pictures it looked amazing! But in reality the feeling of being there and experiencing the property was something else! The extended view of the beach, the pool just outside our villa was so surreal! Being an architect, I totally love the use of space and the lights that play with your moods, the intricate detailing and minimalism in the entire property! It was a treat to the eyes. Almost built like a spacious studio apartment with a bathtub and a contemporary chic vibe, the place is paradise for couples wanting to get away. The wooden flooring with the rustic gold and marble finish and the view adds to the ambience. And summer is definitely a great time. You can relax in the pool and because it’s warm outside, you will feel at ease in the pool. In fact, in the evening at around 5ish, I even felt cold.

Wearing: Top - KOOVS, Jacket - ZARA, Pants - H&M, Shoes - ZARA, Sunnies - ASOS


Once we were done looking around, we headed to ‘Frangipani’ for lunch. I have to stress on the mushroom risotto served here. I'm personally very fond of risottos and this was definitely a hit! We chilled all over the property checking out the seating areas, taking pictures after our lunch was done and got back to the villa to take a dip in the pool. We called for cold coffees and French fries and relaxed in the pool for a good two hours. Before heading to dinner I definitely had to use the amazing bathtub they have! It was surely so inviting! Haha.

We did dinner at their Dusk Mexican Restaurant! Guess what I had for dessert :)

A fruit Nutella taco! YES! And after that we called it a day!

Wearing: Dress - Vintage shop (LONDON), Shoes - BALENCIAGA, Sunnies - Ray-ban

Lunch at Frangipani


Wearing: Dress - DIESEL, Boots - ZARA

Dinner at Dusk Mexican Restaurant


DAY 3:

We woke up to a wonderful breakfast and I felt very sad to leave the property. Only one day is just not enough when the place is so beautiful! You need at least a week! Or even a month will do (probably I can never get enough of this ) :P

Because it’s open to the beach, you can always spend the day reading, listening to music or simply meditating in the villa, cycle around or go for a spa! Ahaan!


Wearing: Outfit: Vintage Shop (London)



Wearing: Top - PRIMARK, Overcoat - Vintage Shop ( LONDON ), Pants - ZARA

This was our third day in Abu Dhabi and I attended a stand-up comedy show by ‘Mike Epps’. They have a variety of shows lined up and this guy was super hilarious and I totally loved the experience of watching a show in another city. The atmosphere is always so different than your city!

Wearing: Top - PRIMARK, Denims - NAKD, Boots - ZARA



Wearing: Top - MIU MIU, Bottoms - NAKD, Boots - ZARA

Done and dusted, we headed back to ‘Dusit Thani’ for dinner to this Thai restaurant named ‘Benjarong’ . We completely satisfied ourselves, especially since we had skipped dinner the first night.

The hospitality is something I have to mention here. We were treated with such warmth and given such great service that I would definitely go back to this hotel, without a doubt.


DAY 4:

The last day of my trip had arrived and there was only one thing that was left to be done! SHOPPING! No trip for me is really complete without some shopping! ;)

We went to the World Trade Shopping Mall and The Galleria Mall. After a super shopping spree, we headed to ‘Observation Deck 360’ for our 5pm reservation. The Etihad towers house a magnificent view and the entire city lies in front of you as you stand at the deck. We got to see the sunset and that time spent on the deck is something you just can’t miss out on if you visit Abu Dhabi. The high tea session here makes it even more of an experience and the spread is grand. A birds eye view of The Emirates Palace was right in front of me while I was enjoying my coffee!

We walked around the deck and absorbed the view, the lights and this beautiful city that I spent four days in! Then we ate dinner at Ray’s Grill and thus ended my trip to Abu Dhabi with Visit Abu Dhabi.



Wearing: Top - ADIDAS ORIGINALS, Bottoms - NAKD, Shoes - BALENCIAGA, Jacket - BERSHKA


I would point out that the stay at Zaya Nurai was an overwhelming and very peaceful. I would definitely want to visit this property again in the future! The Mike Epps show was also great fun and even though you might not get to attend the same comedian, I can tell you for sure that there are a variety of fun line-ups for the season. It was a beautiful trip that ended with us having breakfast the next day and flying back to Mumbai. Enjoy my travel story and let me know if there's anything more you need to know. Or if you have any questions x


DAY 5: Headed back to Bombay with Etihad Airways


Wearing: Overalls - BERSHKA, Top - KOOVS, Jacket - BERSHKA, Shoes - BALENCIAGA


--- Good Vibes ---

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