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Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing well. It’s been a month full of travel for me! And apart from being incredibly fun, it also calls for extensive skin and body care. Also, who does not love a nice long dip in the bath tub with a warm shower running above and a nice cup of hot coffee to go with it? Our entire generation is over worked and we push ourselves further to excel which takes a toll on our bodies, be it our skin or hair. However, our skin has a life of its own and tends to breathe easier when we have a nice hot bath or even scrub it down. The pores open up and cause the skin underneath to breathe.

This brings me to a very essential part of our skincare routines 'hydrating our skin!' Curve it Right with their body scrubs makes it a million times easier for us to give our skin the required care and not spend too much time thinking about which products to mix or which plant extract to use! :P So what truly delighted me about these products was the fact that their scrubs contain Himalayan Pink Rock salt and Organic Arabica Coffee Beans. The rock salt is a powerful detoxifier and smoothens your body and the coffee bean extract present in the scrubs targets your stretch marks and cellulite! And here is some inside scoop for you all, the coffee bean they use is Arabica, known as green bean coffee! They use A grade coffee and surprisingly the only human touch that is involved, is the hand picking of that coffee! Isn’t that super? And that is exactly why it becomes a world class experience, because of the stringent standards! For years we have focussed on our face when it comes to a good scrub and completely neglected the rest of our body! But our body requires just as much care and nourishment as our face and a good scrub will do the trick! Imagine that fresh breathable skin which you feel right after washing your face, all over your body! It’s definitely refreshing and something to look forward to after a rough day at work!

I used the Dark Reverie and the Tropical Flirt for a nice scrubbing session. The scrubs are the perfect fix for exfoliation and re energising your skin and because its super easy to use, it can be very easily incorporated in your weekly routines. The only thing you have to do is step into your bath, dampen your skin and apply the scrub all over your body. The packaging is waterproof and the aluminium bag makes it easier to carry inside the bath and definitely hassle free! I had the most relaxing time as I waited for the scrub to seep into my skin and do its job. It gave me a little bit of a time to myself to think, clear my head and enjoy the hot water. And once that was done, I simply washed myself and headed out refreshed and ready to take on the day. The coconut oil easily combats conditions like scars, stretch marks, acne and keeps the skin hydrated; the sea salt also provides an intense exfoliation. And that works wonders on any type of skin! Cold pressing coconut oil is a miraculous feeling and with the number of benefits present, it sure is something all of us have to get used to! Especially with the weather and all the pollution that we face on a daily basis, these body scrubs are a real boon for our well being. And the best part is they are a cent percent natural. So let’s start giving more time to ourselves and taking care of our bodies. Give yourself those extra 10 minutes in the shower and relax your mind. Try using the scrubs 3-4 times a week for a complete exfoliation on target areas and the packs will easily last you a month. So let’s act on it and start a routine that will last a lifetime. Scrub away! Do check out the pictures xx






--- Good Vibes ---


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