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Erdem x H&M //

When Erdem Moralioglu, the renowned designer with a quintessential english touch to every piece curated, decided to collaborate with what is easily one of the world's biggest retail chains H&M, the world of fashion was sure to witness a change. Supreme craftsmanship in every little detail and a desire to bring a charming, luscious, romantic sensibility into modern day clothing; Erdem offers a grand choice to both genders in terms of fabrics, versatile prints and playful pieces. The London-based brand brings an ethereal feel to every attire and is a celebration of life in it's purest form. From the floral dresses, the classic mohair sweaters to the high-necked laced blouses; the designs exude an attitude that is waiting to be flaunted.

Erdem X H&M stands testimony to the age old tradition and carries forward the legendary worth created by these designs.

The looks that I created from the Erdem X H&M collection are an eccentric mix and push the boundaries of conventional style. This is the first time Erdem's created a collection for men and to truly bring an essence of that to you all, Usaamah Siddique from 'The Dapper Label' & I collaborated and put together a host of looks. The androgynous pant suit is a vivacious statement that symbolizes power dressing. Something that holds its ground and can rarely look dated, the pantsuit is high on fashion and the fine fabric makes it a comfortable wear. The next look is the ultimate eye-catcher and the floral jacket is something that could never go unnoticed! Decadent print and the dark, deep tones build a mood of romance around the outfit. Alluring and sensual with a touch of erotica. Eccentricy at work! And then for the third look, the floral sequins dress with the classic lace top is a mixture of two versatile pieces that breathe life into a look that is pure passion. Glamour and splendour all in one outfit and your party date outfit is on point!

The looks Usaamah & I created are a tribute to this iconic designer and his mesmerizing pieces. Pieces that speak of passion and lust. Of romance and longing. Balloon skirted ball gowns, brocade coats, ribbons and pearls, now isn't that a dream come alive? Enjoy the story x



Photographer : Beej Lakhani

Hair : Amit Thakur

Make-Up : Shraddha Naik

Location : Burn, Mumbai

---- Good Vibes ----

#HM #Erdem #Thedapperlabel #ErdemXHM

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