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Hi Guys! November is here and soon winter will be upon us. One huge aspect of winters is the extreme dryness that we face, especially, since we aren't exactly used to the cold weather. It can get quite cold in December and protecting our skin, hair and body from dryness is confusing to most of us. Have any of you faced the problem of dry hair in the last one or two weeks? Well! If you do nothing about it, it will only get worse. Oiling regularly is what most girls crib about and most of us hate the sticky feeling that remains even after a good long hair wash. I know this because I personally find oiling my hair a real task and avoid it as much as possible. So here is what you can do!

Pantene has a new product which goes by New Pantene Oil Replacement which is a wonderful replacement to your oiling sessions. The Pro-V formula and goodness of oils present in this rich, creamy product keep your hair shining and hassle free. A bigger reason why this product works so well for me is the frequency of my travel that is ultimately linked to my hair-care routines. The more I travel and the busier the day, it becomes very difficult to oil and wash your hair and this is where the Pantene Oil Replacement comes in. I am generally a major procrastinator when it comes to oiling my hair and on most occasions I tend to avoid it completely. But this is exactly why the product acts as a saviour! I can completely skip my oiling routines and just use this product before I sleep or even before I head for a shoot and I am good to go!

The best way to go about using this product is by rubbing a walnut-sized amount between the palm of your hands. Distribute it evenly through the lengths of your damp/dry hair and you are done! Yes! It’s basically that easy. And your hair will no longer smell oily or need a wash post application. Stronger hair is no longer a dream! So let's get our hair game on point. No more hassles of oiling your hair regularly, just get the Pantene Oil Replacement and your week is sorted. Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy the pictures x



--- Good Vibes ---


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