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Can you believe it’s mid-November already? It’s definitely not as cold in Mumbai as it is in other places in the world. Or even in some other parts of India! But it can get pretty cold in December and that’s when our sweaters and jackets all come out! You all know how much I love layering and since we can’t really layer up in the first 10 months of the year- though I really try experimenting with lighter fabrics in the summer, layering is truly meant for the winters! So when ONLY came up with their new collection of jackets for this season, I was extremely excited to try on a few and create a look with my favourite pick!

The best part about the jackets is how sturdy and well-made they are! It gives your upper body definition and adds an edge to your outfit. So picking the right size and colour is very important. I chose a bright orange jacket that is bold and vibrant, which is sure to add the pop of colour to any outfit. I picked this jacket because of its colour and style! And then to keep the vibe chill and low key, I complemented the jacket with a basic t-shirt from ONLY with a kick-ass slogan. The t-shirt says “fed up of your shit” and that’s one more reason I really love the ONLY collections. Their tees have amazing catch-phrases and it brings out the right kind of attitude. After this, it was time to pick out the bottoms to go with this cool jacket and t-shirt and so I went for a relaxed fit denim. The variety is something I really love and denims are my eternal favourite when it comes to pants. They can make any outfit look relaxed and comfortable. And yet keep it incredibly smart. I added boots with a floral print to finish off and seal this look from ONLY’s new collection! The jacket is the king of this outfit and apart from serving the purpose, winter-friendly, it really is edgy and fashionable. So don’t forget to check out their collection and let me know how you liked the pictures.





--- Good Vibes ---


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