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Hey guys! I’m finally putting up my three-day staycation experience at The Westin Pushkar! I have been meaning to put it up for a long time but a hectic schedule keeps getting in the way! But here it is, FINALLY! :)

So for all of you who haven’t already seen my Snapchat and Insta stories - I went to Rajasthan for a 3 day staycation at The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa in the second week of September! There is something about Rajasthan that I really love; the culture, heritage and especially the architecture that you get to see is a treat for the eyes! I have been to Jaipur once and since this place is a little far away from the buzz of the city, I was very excited about the visit and of getting to see Pushkar! A 3-hour drive from Jaipur, The Westin is a few miles away from the Holy Lake and the famous Brahma Temple. When we reached the property I was very tired from my last few days of work. My back-to-back shoots and the rush was just too much! I definitely love my work and love what I do but sometimes your mind & your body needs some rest too and that is exactly why this staycation was the perfect getaway for me. It’s all about a leisurely stay and relaxation. So I already had plans for taking a short nap once I reached The Westin! Haha. I was headed to Taiwan after this and wanted to make the most of these two days by completely relaxing my mind.

DAY 1:

We were welcomed with drinks and taken to our villa which was called a Royal villa and truly justifying its name- was luxury at its best! And guess what! We had an outdoor plunge pool right inside the villa! Isn’t that insane? The villa was super spacious with an outdoor area where you can sit with your coffee or just read a book, or listen to music, or even meditate for that matter...the same space also accommodated the plunge pool. But the USP of this villa was definitely the pool, so this pool is not the swimming pool that we are used to - it’s more for relaxation and just soaking in! The resort has a massive swimming pool by itself right at the center of all the villas for all the guests. After a quick nap, we decided to head out and check out the property and what all it has to offer. This place being secluded and slightly away from the city, has everything that you will need for your entertainment right inside the hotel. The Westin also has a Kids Club for the kids and 'Replay' is a recreational center for indoor games! I always love exploring the place, and the landscape of this place has been done so amazingly that I absolutely enjoyed strolling around the property. Post that we freshened up for our dinner at this very well-known bar called ‘MIX’ which is super famous for their cocktails and mocktails. The ambience at this bar was something else. It had stairs that went down to the ground floor which has some really fancy tables at the side and a dance floor. The best part was to try out this fun thing that happens at MIX 'CRAFTED by Westin'. Where they have a slate in which they put all the ingredients with the steps to create your desired cocktail or mocktail! I was quite happy with how my mocktails turned out :P I have some talent, surely! This was a really fun thing to do and learn! We ate a light dinner of bruschetta and then called it a night!

Wearing : Anita Dongre Grassroot

Wearing: Anita Dongre Grassroot

DAY 3:

The next day was going to be as exciting as this one! It began with breakfast in the pool. Yes. In the pool. Not in bed! The Westin has an amazing concept of a floating breakfast which was so fabulous that I spent a lot of time taking pictures! The breakfast spread is really great and the entire tray floats in your plunge pool! It’s something I would recommend to you guys to try when if you're visiting The Westin. It’s relaxing and the food is just perfect for a lovely start to the day! Since I had a spa scheduled after breakfast, I decided to take a little time in between to get some work done because I didn’t want to immediately head to the spa after the heavy breakfast we had. But the spa is something that cannot be given a miss. To experience Westin's Signature Heavenly Spa I went to this building in the resort which is a complete unit of health and well-being with gymnasium and other activities attached. The terrace is also beautiful and overlooks the landscape around and the spa has an array of international local treatments curated by their manager. I fell asleep in the spa session and it was heavenly, just like its name! Careful attention is paid to ensure each visit leaves you exceptionally well-rested, nourished and cared for. The state-of-art wellness facilities are a definite plus in this property! We decided to head out of the property for a bit to experience Pushkar city and the culture. So after having a nice lunch of starters and desserts at the All Day Dining Restaurant - Seasonal Tastes, which serves both Indian and international cuisine.

Wearing: Bungalow Eight

Post lunch we relaxed a little in the afternoon and headed out to experience the city at around 5.30 in the evening! The weather was warm and the market was something I really wanted to explore. Pushkar markets are famous for their ethnic jewellery, fabrics and even if you get a lot of this in Mumbai, it’s much more expensive. A short drive from Holy Lake, it is a famous tourist location and dates back to the 14th century. I get very excited with shopping and the market here is colourful and vibrant, filled with different types of Indian jewellery and ethnic shopping. I also sampled some local food and the most delicious rabdi! Yum! After exploring the markets we then headed to the lakeside to witness the most beautiful sunset ever! The evening turned surreal as the sun went down and the view got better and better. You should visit the lakeside for the sunset when you visit Pushkar, the sunset view is breathtaking. And that's the time when all te temples at the ghat have their arti. It’s peaceful and takes away all the negativity stored in your body. We spent quite some time at the lakeside and then decided to head back to the hotel and called for dinner in the room itself!

Wearing: Payal Khandwala

DAY 3:

The third day started off with a breakfast in the room! There was another in-room spa service available at The Westin, which again is a complete different experience as you get that luxury service right in your room. But I decided to just go ahead with a relaxing dip in the main swimming pool. I don’t like doing spas very often and alternate day works but every single day is something I don’t find advisable at all! Next time whenever I'm at The Westin, I'm surely not gonna miss this session! So Usaamah & I headed to the swimming pool which is located at the center of the property and has the villas spread across it! The pool is the focal point and the way this entire property is planned out is something I genuinely loved. So after a dip in the pool, we headed for a full fletched lunch at the ‘Seasonal Tastes’ restaurant at The Westin. This place also has Rajasthani thalis and I was super excited to finally get my hands on some delicious authentic Rajasthani cuisine. The spread here is insane and you will go crazy sampling everything. The meal is a blend of different items from Rajasthan and it was so overwhelming, I could not even finish the thali. The Dal Bati filled up my stomach and I just wanted to take a good long nap after this lunch! And we did just that! We also took a walk back to digest the food and I realized how they have connected all the villas and planned the property to perfection. There is also have an indoor theatre - 'Recharge' - which allows you to unwind and have some leisure time. However, the only thing I wanted to do in the evening was go back to the markets and witness the sunset again, till I was here! That golden hour at the lakeside is so beautiful; we reached in time for another round and a peaceful walk around the lake. I also visited the market and shopped AGAIN! We had our dinner back at the hotel at a place called ‘Panorama’ which is a rooftop bar and is a super cool location serving some exquisite barbeques and grills. You're legit having food with a view because this roof top overlooks the entire property along with the beautiful hills surrounding the Pushkar city. We talked about how The Westin staycation was so wonderful and ofcourse some brownie points to the friendly staff who treated us so well. They also host marriages and such other functions and in case any of you guys want to approach them for that, they will definitely help you out! The property, people and the culture is all so heartwarming, could not have asked for a better time! The next day I had a connecting flight to Taiwan and this was exactly what I needed before starting my journey. The Westin Pushkar definitely helped me to truly relax and unwind. I hope you had a great time reading this and looking at the pictures, just like I had at The Westin Pushkar :)

Wearing: Top - Anita Dongre Grassroot, Juttis - Fizzy Goblet

Wearing: Payal Khandwala

Wearing: Anita Dongre Grassroot

--- Good Vibes ---

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