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Hi Guys! We can say it’s officially winter when all our trends start veering towards layering up and collections have jackets, boots and cardigans. Well! That time of the year has definitely arrived. What I truly love about the winter in our country is the fact that you can really experiment with layering. We don’t have very intense winters and that gives us an edge over others, we can always have lesser layers and create different looks!

I recently created an ultra-bold look from a couple of pieces from the vivacious collection at VERO MODA. It stands out as very unusual and quite different from the usual layering because of the choice of fabrics and also the colours that complement each other very well! The faux leather jacket is stark white and has a bikers’ jacket vibe that changes the whole dynamic of the outfit. Accessibility in terms of fashion is one thing Vero Moda is known for and that reflects in this piece. The style and the fit are something you will find yourself sinking into with comfort. Once I had decided on the jacket, I selected an electric blue velvet jumpsuit which was something that really caught my eye. It goes perfectly with this jacket and the whole attire comes together because of the jumpsuit. You can always wear the jacket on a pair of jeans but I chose this for its unconventional look. The fabrics also are in sync and the patterns of the jacket against the chic jumpsuit speaks for itself. Vero Moda has multiple such options to choose from and this was just one outfit that I created. I finished it off by picking a classic sling and the white boots.

This was my version of layering from the latest Vero Moda collection. The outfit is incredibly BOLD and stands to make a statement. It’s definitely an attire that would make heads turn. What do you think? x



--- Good Vibes ---


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