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Hi guys! So finally it's December!!! Oh yes, it's my favourite month because it's my birthday month!!! And also because I think December has a very relaxed leisurely vibe to it! And Christmas makes it so beautiful! It's like the icing on the cake. So let me start by thanking all my readers for this amazing year, thanking all the brands I collaborated with for trusting my work & most importantly my best friend Riya and my team member Revati for being so awesome and helping me grow!!! Grateful for all the amazing travels & my travel partner Usaamah! I'm so excited for my next travel that's happening this month during my birthday week! *happy face*, and you guys are travelling with me because I'm going to take you all around with me through my pictures! Also kudos to Mrinmai, Mohit and Beej who have helped me create content for the blog.

I recently kept my snapchat open for a day and was so overwhelmed reading all your messages and the love you have been sending me!!! Trust me when I say it really means a lot to me! 50% of my work involves creating the best content and the remaining 50% is all about absorbing your amazing responses and appreciation towards it! It helps me get better with every post, every shoot I do and every time I strive on creating better content! Thank you for making me who I am today. I'll never stop saying that and will always be immensely grateful! I'm really sorry if I couldn't reply to all your snaps, I tried to reply to as many as I could! But I'm sending love and hugs to all of you who wrote to me! 💗 Much love and appreciation x Also for those who follow me on snapchat or may have happened to see my Insta Stories, I recently spoke about doing something cool on my blog by featuring your posts, your thoughts & your creativity! I think it's a fun thing to do to exchange ideas, get inspiration & motivate each other for creating some amazing content! Of course, my blog has always helped me express my thoughts and views about fashion, life, travel with my thoughts and my pictures and I see them influencing many! So this is just going to be an extension of influencing many more including myself! I was so happy with the response from you guys when I posted about it, you guys seem to be really excited for this and looking forward to it! So finally, I'll be featuring atleast two blogs from you guys this new year! So now that I'll be releasing the topic, you can go ahead and brainstorm for ideas, create visual stories or send us structured write-ups that have something powerful to say! Be bold and go all out, here is the topic for the coming January feature - Topic: Androgyny Our topic for this month is something without restrictions/specifications, just like the word itself. Let us know your thoughts about this word / trend in one of the formats given below: • A visual story to support the write up (either by yourself or by teaming up with someone) • An independent visual story • An independent write up The guest blog will be featured during the month of January 2018! I'm so excited to begin my New Year with your posts! 💗 Email us your submissions: with the Subject GUEST BLOG POST - JAN'18 and make sure you mention your website name or Instagram handle. Last date of submission: 1st January 2018

And here are some portraits I created with Mohit. Hope you like them x


--- Good Vibes ---

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