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Hi guys! A very happy new year to all of you! This is my very first blog post for 2018 and I am incredibly excited for everything that this year has in store for me! I am sure a lot of travel will be on the cards and my first trip to Dubai is already in progress. When it comes to traveling to newer places and experiencing the people, food and culture, there is one thing that is a downright essential for almost all of us now-a-days! And especially for me, as a blogger, it is a pure necessity. Wondering what I am talking about? A smartphone! There are different phones each of us are partial to and I'm going to inform you all today about a new addition in the market that could very well go with you on your travel for the ultimate selfies and photography!

Now the Vivo V7 Energetic Blue is a smartphone that will catch your eye with its electric blue hue and the sophistication in its make. Vivo smartphones have a stylish design and their cutting edge technology makes them stand apart and appeal to the younger generation. What I genuinely love about this phone is the camera! The camera clicks the best selfies and is just the perfect camera for everyone who loves selfies! I take a lot of selfies considering I travel often and most of the times solo! Not always will there be people around who will capture the perfect moment or the best angle and at such times you have to resort to the selfie mode and your own talent! :P

Vivo V7 Energetic Blue has a 24MP front facing camera and also a full view 18:9 display that will help you show off your individuality and enable self-expression on their clear and big screen. The face access technology will easily unlock the phone, which means you don’t have to wait to even swipe or enter a tedious passcode to access the camera! Isn’t that just super convenient? Last but not the least, the memory is a real steal! With a 4GB RAM power and an insane amount of expandable storage, having this phone will ensure you never really have to delete pictures or songs and constantly worry about freeing up your storage. Now isn’t that a really great deal to have on your phone! So if you are looking at buying a new smartphone soon, you can definitely consider the Vivo V7 energetic Blue as your go-to option.





--- Good Vibes ---


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