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I am very excited to start off this year with something I had promised to do in the last year. There are many writers, photographers, graphic designers and such other artists among my followers and I really want to give each and every one of you an opportunity and a platform to show case your work, get the viewership which is otherwise so difficult and thus get opinions for your work. I want you all to express, show me and the world your passion. Let's make this a platform to motivate each other and get inspired to do more things. I'm so excited and happy to post the very first Guest Blog POST on Thank you for writing in and sending entries for the same! We have picked two articles for this topic and here's presenting the first one by Revati Nargund ft. a photo story by Suraj Nongmaithem.

So the topic I had presented was Androgyny and here is a piece that we selected from the overwhelming response we got. I want you all to keep responding and keep creating :) All the best for the next topic xx


With a tremendous emphasis on things like what should be categorised as ‘feminine’ to what is essentially the man’s job, our society has always given great importance to sticking to the social norm. Imagine a world without restrictions, a world where gender was not a defining concept or the primary attribute designers considered before sketching newer outfits. Androgynous fashion is the newest trend on our radar and is all set to become one of the most path-breaking trends to hit the runway. Not just affecting the fashion industry, this trend defies social norms and strongly questions the social and cultural construct that our society inherently holds. With its underlining commentary on where the society is headed, the whole idea of androgyny in fashion is ‘gender blending’!

The last couple of years saw a huge influx in the kind of designs that hit stores; genderless designs, though not quite the norm as yet, are definitely increasing and gradually being accepted by a larger section of the society. With men in pussy bow blouses and women in tuxedos, it’s a visual treat and extremely liberating to an open mind to witness a change in mind sets when it comes to fashion, glamour and society in general. Most trends last for a season and make a comeback only years later, however, androgynous fashion is here to stay!

A shift in the attitudes is the order of the day, so why should we conform to set stereotypes and adhere to preconceived notions? Why not break barriers, cross boundaries and challenge the society to view us all as one? Don’t get me wrong. Male, female, transgender and every being on this planet is beautiful and need not change in any way. Skirts, lace and frills are pretty and make women look vivacious and quite cute. And owning one’s femininity, being confident and sexy is just as empowering, but why have boxes? A man should be allowed to wear those soft colours and lace overlay blouses, shrunken jackets and do so without judgement! Just like a woman should not be judged for picking an outfit which is more “masculine” or maybe just a piece that does not necessarily flaunt her curves and accentuate her body! Live and let live, I say!

Selfridge’s recently launched a genderless pop up store. Gucci’s androgynous clothing line further influenced the world towards adopting all aspects of gender to reach an appearance that is ambiguously gendered. The only way forward is to adapt yourself to the changing circumstances. Psychological androgyny, a much wider concept, is something all of us should aspire to and hope to achieve.

Let’s lose the labels and veer ourselves to a neutral representation, one without any constraints on the way we dress, feel and behave. Male, female and every other wonderful gender should be allowed to represent themselves through the way they dress, walk, talk and feel. Breaking away from the gender binary does not mean a man wearing a skirt. That’s just the superficial definition of androgyny. Androgynous fashion is much more than that and stems from a place where everyone should express themselves just the way they want to. So this new year, let’s break away from the stereotypes and embrace every one, just the way they are!

Article submitted by - Revati Nargund

Website -

Instagram - @revatinargund



Photos story submitted by - Suraj Nongmaithem

Instagram - @shutterbug_nong

Website -


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