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Hi Guys! I hope all of you are doing well and loving the start of this year. There is so much more to come and so much to get done, and I am all excited and raring to go! Today I am going to tell you about this quirky new collection that ONLY has come up with! And guess who the inspiration is behind the newest set of hoodies, tees and denim bottoms to hit the stores? POPEYE!

This wisecracking cartoon sailor that we all grew up watching and loving is giving us an ultimate dose of happy memories by making a grand come back to our lives. ONLY takes up the best characters, the most loved and cherished memories and incorporates those into our daily wear. And that is what makes the brand so much fun, accessible and just outright chic. I have always loved their choice of prints but POPEYE with his squinty eye and screwed up face is totally adorable! The collection is varied with different kinds of pieces that you can style in umpteen number of ways. The hoodies can be worn over a pair of rugged denims, and the denim bottoms can be your perfect go-to outfit for a brunch with your girlfriends!

To give you a quick idea about this look that I created with ONLY from this collection; I went for a classic blue and white combination for this classic character. A basic look that would otherwise be a subtle day outfit, gets incredibly sassy and fun with the Popeye & Olive Oyl dramatic exchanges printed on our clothes. Since the outfit is subtle, to spruce it up and make it more vivacious, I decided to go for red lips. I went for sneakers to keep it sporty and casual. Picked up my edgy pair of sunglasses and I was good to go! Tell me how you found the styling and since this is a limited edition collection, log on to and get your favourite! Before they run out!


Photos by - Mrinmai Parab

--- Good vibes ---


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