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Modern Mariners with ONLY

From sailor and military garb to being a massive hit on the red carpet, washed out indigos, ruffles and floral prints have evolved hugely as a trend! Wondering what I am referring to? Well, you can scroll down and take a look at the pictures. But here is a little peek into what ONLY’s new collection is all about! This collection with broderie, vintage denims, volume sleeves, ruffles and even the washed indigos evokes a sporty-chic elegance that is inspired heavily from the age old sailor and is seen on a variety of outfits. This summery seaside collection is all about whites and blues, rope trims, vintage denims, tie-ups, knots, sea side stripes and the classic navy stripes that are no longer just the province of the globetrotting avant-garde.

So I went for these blue checkered pants from the collection that are essentially denim joggers with a vintage vibe making a bold statement. Next, I picked up a red coloured top that adds contrast and also mentions my favourite dairy product! Yoghurt! This outfit is one that is typical to this trend and is an ode to its chic, breezy reputation. I finished it off by picking a pair of heels that add glamour to the look and make it brunch-ready. ONLY also has a wide variety of other pieces in this collection that you could experiment with. So let me know how you liked my styling for this one and do let me know your thoughts on the same. Enjoy the pictures xx




--- Good Vibes ---


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