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Hey you all! I'm back with another travel story to London! Yet again? Haha! Yes! I was there for quite some time and I actually did a lot of things which I want to share with you all! As always 💗

This was last year in June' 17. After my time with Oppo, I extended my trip to do more fun things in London, eating out, shopping, experiencing the local homes, hotels, and just enjoying my time there!

I came across La Concierge Services, I'm sure many of you must be confused about what this service is all about. So basically they provide a variety of services, from helping you plan your trip to recommending the best hotels, restaurants to dine in, markets to shop! The recommendations are considered according to your interests! Everyone is different when it comes to traveling... some might actually want to see all the historic, touristy places, and some people might just want to experience a few of the local popular joints. While some might be shopaholics, the others might be foodies! So from the best of sushi places, cafes, places to get some cool pictures, places to get my hands on vintage finds... La Concierge helped me throughout my trip!

More about La Concierge:

They are a lifestyle based management and travel service that offer various services like personal fitness trainers, buying gifts to even arranging nannys! Their speciality being making short-term arrangements for wealthy expatriates families, when on holidays in London; they also offer travel services worldwide and have preferred rates with the top exclusive luxury resorts and hotels. And they arrange private jets and yachts too!

They arrange unique experiences for their clients based on their preferences and are also able to source the best theatre tickets and last minute VIP event tickets. Their focus is on personalisation of the experience. A great offer is the personal and corporate monthly memberships offered for their Concierge services. Typically, they interview each of their clients before offering these memberships and also offer selected travel services to non-members! Isn't that overwhelming?

Nikhita from La Concierge spoke to me about what I would like to do during my extended stay in London and accordingly designed an itinerary for me which covered my interests and also made sure I don't miss out on the Must Haves! Keeping in mind that I'm a blogger she suggested some cool places that work for the gram, exotic graffiti walls and much more! So this is what they exactly do, suggest things that you're actually looking for and interested in and then customise it for you. Tailored according to your needs, isn't that the best?

Even to get a little help for my sim card, oyster card, or which tube to take to reach somewhere, Nikhita was on the go for everything! And I really appreciate her time and effort in helping me out! 💗

She herself is a travel freak and totally experienced in this field! So if you guys are planning a vacation soon, you can definitely opt for their services to make things easier for you and catered to your interests.

For any inquires you can email them at -

That's Nikhita from La Concierge! Miss you girl x

Okay, so let's start with my staycation in London! I did a combination of hotel and Airbnb, both!

During the first few days in London, I stayed at this beautiful independent 5 star hotel, The Atheneaum! I obviously made sure the locations were quite central and had easy tube access because that's how I travelled around the city to get to places. The hotel is located right at the heart of Mayfair and the closest tube station from the hotel is Greenpark Station. This hotel was recommended to me by La Concierge and I give them 100 points for this! The exterior of the building is so interesting with a fantastic living wall! And right as you're entering the hotel you'll be welcomed by Jim on the front door! He's such a gentleman! He would greet us every time we returned to the hotel.

The interiors of the hotel speak of luxury. The lobby, corridors right up to the room, it's such a classic ensemble of modern and contemporary, that you will spend a good amount of time staring.

With some art displays and a whimsical British touch to the hotel, they have given a good amount of thought to every single detail! Talking about my room, I was checked in their Park View room, which allows super quality of light in the room. It's gorgeous, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the beautiful Green park! I took complete advantage of the Nespresso machine in my room! Comfort with luxury, what more can you ask for? The breakfast spread at the hotel is also top notch! I really end up missing my yoghurt bowl and poached egg mornings there!

After experiencing such a fantastic luxurious hotel stay, we also wanted to experience some local houses in London! This experience was definitely different from living in a hotel! It just made me feel more independent, responsible and at the same time it makes one feel at home!

I'm in love with both my Airbnbs. I stayed in two different bnb's within London itself. I did a little research before booking my bnbs, with the locations, the reviews of the place, the interiors among other things! A studio flat was something I was looking for and both my Airbnb apartments satisfied my needs and took care of everything that I had hoped for. And that proved to be very fulfilling in terms of a great experience.

The first one was right at Oxford Street! -

Here's a link for you all to check the apartment - AIRBNB at Oxford Street

( The link will open only if you have signed up on their website. Also if you Sign Up for Airbnb with my referral code and get ₹1200 travel credit!😀🙌🏻 LINK FOR THE REFERRAL CODE - 💗)

The location is fantastic, Oxford Street right at my doorstep! It's located in a 'not very busy' street so it's totally peaceful! Pollen Street! It was great to explore the fun places, cafes, restaurants and shopping in the city! And also to explore the city's top tourist spots! Though I couldn't meet my hosts, as they were not in town during my stay, I would really like to thank them and Hostmaker for such a comfortable stay! I would recommend this space for 2!

The other space that I stayed at was again a really cool studio apartment located at Chancery Lane.

Here's the link to it - AIRBNB AT Chancery Lane

I totally went for the minimal and unique decor of the house! The tube connectivity of the location is quite easy and convenient! But otherwise there's not a lot happening in that area or may be I didn't explore it as much, as it was a peaceful residential neighbourhood! But nothing to worry about as it's still very close to the Central city and quite convenient to travel around and explore. Talking about the space! Oh man, I was in love! Such minimal design, with a really cool concept having a cabin inside a room! The name itself of the bnb is The Log Cabin! Again, I'll recommend this for 2! I adored my stay there! The building has a lift too and also is very close to the tube station. I still can't get over this super cute space, and yes, yet again I couldn't meet my hosts as they were out of town. But such a great stay at the log cabin! Thank you Airbnb!

While I was there, I also visited Deciem - The Abnormal Beauty Company! It's a beauty brand! And it has everything to do with skincare and haircare! They have a variety of brands in there and ofcourse I learnt about each one at their store and got some products for myself.

Do check out their website -

Or if you're living in London, do visit their store! It's quite cute!

I did a laser facial at Liberty and it was just so good! I extended my trip for almost 10 Days and wandered around the city! Indulged myself in some Vintage shopping! Rokit is definitely the place to look at! Went to some cool cafes, restaurants, street markets! What fun! Thank you La Concierge for putting down an itinerary for me which highlighted some really fun places to visit! Here are my pictures from the trip! Have fun looking at it x

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