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Hey you guys! Just writing another post about my feelings, how things have been so overwhelming lately & also announcing the next topic for the GUEST POST feature! Are you excited?

Let me begin by thanking you all for all your love and support! 'TheStyledge' bagged two awards recently, one being the 'Cosmopolitan Best Fashion Blog '18' award & the 'OSM Influencer of the Year'18' award! THANK YOU for voting, spreading the word and making me win! It definitely feels amazing and especially with all the social media issues I have been facing lately, the awards validate my work by simply overlooking all of it, showing me the bright side of how you all appreciate my work and the content that I put up!

I'm so grateful to have you all by my side! And of course the credit goes to my amazing team who make me what I am today & help me put out such content for you all with ease. They are a real blessing!!

Apart from this I would also like to mention a bit about my Fashion Blogging Course, which is now live on the GRADES DON'T MATTER App! The course is called Fashion Blogging 101 and it has 9 episodes where I'm talking about different topics on things to keep in mind while blogging. Many of you must be aware of it as I have spoken about it on Instagram and the response has been truly amazing! Thank you my loves, I'm so glad I could do this and help you take up blogging. I remember shooting this while I had injured my leg in December and put my shoots on hold... this was the only one I considered doing as it was gonna be a mid take shot. At that time I was still skeptical as I wasn't in the right frame! But while I was shooting for it, I was very energised and it made me feel so much better!!! And now when I see the course, Ahaan... my heart skips a beat and it smiles! Sometimes when you are put in a spot, when you don't feel like doing things, you gotta push yourself to do it, however uncomfortable you feel... remember that it's only gonna make you feel better & stronger! It'll make you believe in things yet again! You will see the hope :)

That was a little bit of my experience I shared with you! Don't forget to check out the course and do tell me how it is! You get a signed certificate from me once you finish it and there's a workbook which has all the notes from the video for your future reference :)

Here are the links to download the app -

iOS / Android


Coming to the GUEST BLOG POST topic for this month!


I absolutely love this topic and I have personally grown so much by advocating the "love your skin" sentiment and being okay with my body the way it is that this is something very close to my heart... and eventually you see things working your way because once you have accepted your body the way it is, loved it everyday and thanked it for what it is... your body showers you with confidence and compliments! Body positivity is all about leaving behind conventional attitudes to accepted and appreciated body types and embracing every different kind of body, shape, size or colour 💗

And while practising this I think it's very important to accept and appreciate things around us. For example, if we are going to be judgemental about someone's body, it's going to come back to you, eventually. That also means we are looking at a certain thing as imperfect... which then gets registered in our mind when we experience that in our body... and start comparing. Everyone's beautiful in their own way... and to be beautiful outside it's so important for all of us to be beautiful from within.

I know what I'm saying is not an easy thing to do, somewhere down the line we all are judgemental in someway or the other towards things and the society. But let's aim to try and make it a practise and see the change in ourselves?

I'm super excited for the entries for this post both in terms of written content and visual!

Let us know your thoughts about this topic in one of the formats given below:

• A visual story to support the write up (either by yourself or by teaming up with someone)

• An independent visual story

• An independent write up

You can email your entries to us on with the Subject: Guest Blog Post 2.

We will be accepting entries all through May, so give your best shot!

All the best guys, do it from your heart x

P.S - And here's an editorial I shot while I was in Goa! I'm a water child and that's what I've tried to interpret through my pictures of how much I love the water and how it lets my body feel light, relaxed and confident. Also, love how the sun here is making my skin glow!

Enjoy the pictures x

Photos by MOHIT VARU


--- Good Vibes ---

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