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Another 'His & Hers' post after a really long time! This time it's for the summer! Specially for a beach day! Of Course our mood board for this post was all about the ocean and so I decided to call it aqua, staying true to its element and thereby giving it context. We decided to blend in with the beautiful vibe of the beach while we were in Goa! With the ocean in the background we had to compliment its beauty with some blues, turquoise & some prints.

I absolutely love wearing and styling outfits which are plain but with a little bit of colour block or just a solid pop of colour. This time I thought of giving prints a try to see how it works for me! In fact, Usaamah also threw on a printed trunks from The Dapper Label and I realised how prints can make things look truly fun, quirky and perfect for summer!

The swimwear I'm wearing is from Flirtatious and the cutout of this piece is the highlight and the talking point. I would always pick a monokini over a bikini, but this piece is kinda a mix of both! And that's why I love it even more! Haha.

And hey guys! As you can see prints can really look cool for you, but don't forget to notice the white linen shirt which is the perfect summer thread. I absolutely love linen threads on men; it's always a win-win!

Photos by MOHIT VARU

--- Good Vibes ---

#Thedapperlabel #HISANDHERS

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