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The 5k Challenge with VERO MODA

Hi Guys! How is the monsoon treating all of you? It’s been a wonderful 6 months and there is so much more to come, that I am all excited and feeling immense gratitude every day! Along with new beginnings like universities starting new semesters, etc. (I remember my days in architecture college) all of us girls feel the need to shop and get our outfits in place, just in time for college! And one thing that we all truly love shopping during a sale! Right? Imagine if I told you that you could style 3 complete looks at Vero Moda for all under 5k? Because that’s exactly what I am going to show you.

The end of season sale at Vero Moda is a huge thrill, if you hurry and make the most of it while it lasts. I styled 3 looks from this sale and the entire bill did not even cross 5k. Quite a steal! The first look is something that could be easily worn for a concert. Rock chic, muscle tee with vintage-esque denim shorts and a nonchalant attitude is all you will need to head out on a regular day with friends. The length of the shorts is totally in and something that I found edgy and also supremely comfortable. The entire look came up to Rs. 1,750.

The second look rides on the beauty of donning a kimono which is free flowing, easy on the eye and stylish to the T. It cost me just about Rs. 1,200 and was worth the splurge. The colour is vibrant, the fit is just perfect and the long sleeves with the traditional broad sash holds this garment together beautifully. A piece that I feel you just need in your wardrobe for that night with your girlfriends.

The third look is feminine, simple and yet impactful and cost me Rs. 2000. This is a look that can be changed according to your mood, it can be dressy if you accessorize it to amp up the style for a night out with friends or you could simply throw on a blazer and wear it for work as a meeting / work look, simple, demure and classy. Vero Moda has always been a brand that comes up with versatile, trendy options and this end of season sale is definitely the perfect time to shop your heart out. So get going, what are you waiting for?



--- Good Vibes ---


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