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Hey everyone, how's it going? It's been a while since I posted a blog post, also because there's so much happening, not just with work but also with life in general. Adapting to changes and new beginnings, which led to me being less motivated to write. Since I was taking time out to figure things out for myself, I had no great inspiration for a blog post! But now that I feel good about things, I'm back to writing about my experiences. I'll try my best to keep you in the loop, guys! <3

Since I have a lot of archives, I'll be posting them one by one. Here's one from Goa that Usaamah and I shot ft. his made to measure label - The Dapper Label. We are sporting stripes, breezy silhouettes, keeping it casual and fresh! A pair of blue denims to go with blue and red stripes! Definitely my favourite combo. Though this photoshoot happened in Goa, the whole vibe of this story reminds me of LA due to its carefree mood! For those who are wondering where in Goa this was shot, it's at Parra near St. Annes Church! Enjoy the pictures, guys x

Photos by MOHIT VARU

--- Good Vibes ---

#Goa #Thedapperlabel #HISANDHERS

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