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Happy Monday all of you! Hope you guys had an amazing weekend! My weekend was quite productive and I can't wait to share with you all some exciting things I have been working on! I hope you all enjoy it. Do wish me luck and send across positive vibes! Need more and more motivation each day! So let's inspire each other to do better, strive for more and achieve bigger goals! That's what we are here for and the most important thing is to respect & learn from each other!

Having said this, today I'm writing about my travel to Paris with H&M, which, of course is a throwback now, haha! But I started writing about it and left it half way and then there is procrastination, no denying that! But today I kinda feel good about reminiscing it, which makes me wanna do more of what I'm doing!

Ahaaan, I can't even begin to tell y'all how amazing it was! So my reason to go to Paris was the Fashion Week! If you're on my Instagram, you'd probably know that I was in Paris with H&M! I was invited to attend their STUDIO SS'18 show at Paris Fashion Week! My love for H&M has been so true and the brand stands so close to my heart that taking this trip was pure joy!

Going back to Europe to attend H&M's show was surreal. I remember a few years back when H&M wasn't in India, I used to make sure that I visit H&M when I travel to Europe. And since then my love for the brand has been growing bigger & bigger! It exposed me to trends, to world fashion & even helped me build content for my blog! That was exactly why I was super excited and jubilant when I heard of it coming to India.

That was the time when I was featured on H&M's global page during the Mumbai campaign and I couldn't stop being grateful for it. It made me remember the joy I used to experience just shopping from this store, never having imagined something like this to happen in future! Well you attract things right? It's true, you do! I kept attracting it and this happened, this legit happened! Attending their show was definitely a big deal for me, a big deal for The Styledge & more over representing India was one of the greatest achievements in my blogging career. I also felt so grateful to have my home boy Usaamah Siddique, with me, all along!

Two days in Paris with H&M was definitely one of the best experiences we've had! Right from the amazing gifts along with some H&M beauty & home products to a customised robe, they made sure everything was just perfect.

The pampering session had started for us and we couldn't curb our excitement! The hotel (Hotel National Des Arts Et Metiers) itself got us vibing, with its boutique infrastructure & classiness. The H&M team had arranged some fun activities for us and the itinerary and the all the details for these activities were organised in the room in a super cute fashion! I love it when the presentation is taken care of and given a thought to; it makes you wanna make the most out of it. Keeping in mind that we would need help to create some amazing content for the brand, H&M had sorted all of this for all the influencers. The penthouse in the hotel had a photography room, with a bunch of amazing photographers from Paris! It's amazing to work with new talent and build connections, and create content that's strikingly different from what I usually do. You learn so much when you're working in a completely different environment and out of your comfort zone. People, activities and different ways of working inspire you! It's all for the good! Meeting influencers from around the globe itself is such an amazing experience! We are all doing the exact same thing, but just the ways that everyone functions and plans their day or week is so new and refreshing.

These are also aspects which influence their personal style, their approach towards blogging, the content, editing style, their frames... ahaaan I can go on and on! This just goes to show that I have come back with a lot of learning! Networking is key.

Apart from this, there was this ... and a video room which was so cool, literally a ten second shoot to create some videos for Instagram! We also had the H&M Studio SS' 18 collection on display which was accessible for us to create looks and shoot in them. We did some street style, which was a task, as the weather was unexpectedly cold! But after we saw the pictures, shooting in that weather was worth it! They also had this lovely artist, Moa Bartling, who created our beautiful portraits! And that's not it; Moa is the one who created the interesting prints for the H&M Studio SS’18 collection! She’s brilliant! Other than this, we had some pampering sessions like manicure, pedicure, makeup master classes talking about the latest beauty trends, and I just couldn't have asked for more!

Talking about the show, the show was one of a kind experience! A Japanese style dinner set up was created for the show as the Studio SS' 18 collection revolves around Japanese minimal design. Fused clean silhouettes with a relaxed vibe, adding a touch of work wear along the way. The womenswear in particular focuses on head-to-toe print and bright colours in the form of flowing full-length dresses, easy tunics worn over trousers, utilitarian tailoring and statement knits. It’s brand-new bohemian – crisp minimalism fused with laidback chic and poise.

Here are some of the looks that I created using the Studio SS'18 in Paris. And also some additional pictures from the show, during my stay in Paris sporting complete H&M looks! xx




With Usaamah Siddique

With Nataly Osmann

With Marcel Floruss & Marc Forne

With Dhatri Bhatt



With Luis Borges

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--- Good Vibes ---

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