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Life is constantly changing for everyone and this change is something that is always for our betterment, despite what you feel at the moment. It's always something that makes our life a greater experience and more enriching. And that's truly the only way to look at change. Having said that, currently, I'm at a stage where I'm kind of understanding what patience actually means. There was a point in my life where I wanted things to happen instantly, I was raring to go and had no time to spare. I still am raring to go, but today I am learning to value time with a different perspective. There was a time when I couldn't say no to a single opportunity and took on everything that came my way. I wanted to keep doing more everyday and pushed myself to achieve. Which is a great thing to do, but with that comes the realisation that things happen for a reason and learning to wait is also a part of the process.

Sometimes in life when things don't make sense to you... you wonder what it is that you did wrong or could do better. You are always trying to think about the situation that has occurred in your life and the reasons for it, trying to connect the dots. You give so much of yourself to it, be it work, a relationship or a hobby. And as individuals we are just bound to expect things in return because we are giving so much of our time and energy to these things right? One thing I have learnt over a period of time is that these expectations cause suffering!

So what does one do when there's something that is constantly bothering you? Learn to be patient... things won't make sense at that very moment but keeping yourself positive, affirmative and healthy is very important! I have learnt to work at my own pace & get over the fear of missing out. My fomo for things is eventually fading away and it keeps me more grounded, stable and disconnected sometimes. It's okay to disconnect with the world at times as that helps you to connect with your own energy better. I'm learning to be patient, being in the moment and dealing with whatever is in front of me rather than overthinking or worrying about what I'm going to lose or thinking about the past and sulking over it. Rather learn from it and grow.

Came across a post on Instagram by Jay Shetty :

You're not late, you're not early

You're not behind, you're not ahead

You're exactly where you need to be

to do what you need to do

It's beautiful to just sometimes sit down and not do anything, like right now... I'm sitting in front of the ocean... thinking about how huge this universe is and how irrelevant we are in comparison when we cry over little things, when we have so much beauty around us and within us! I was so grateful to visit Bali. It helped me feel rejuvenated, motivated, positive and at the same time taught me to be patient with life, patient with myself.

Whatever has to happen will happen eventually... so always do things when you feel it from the gut, it's okay to sometimes not feel and just be yourself... life gives you opportunities in abundance. And the chances it'll give you will also be multiple, knocking away at your door! Just remember how strong you are and how far you have come! There's so much more to life than wasting our energy on things that we can't even control sometimes... it's okay to just take a deep breath, let it out and let it in! It's one of my favourite lines from the song catch & release -

For now just accept the current situation and be patient... take your time to heal ... the things that are meant to be yours will wait for you patiently too! <3

Here are some pictures from my trip to Bali, oh this property that I stayed in – Katamaran Hotel & Resort in Lombok was so beautiful! And these are the words I wrote down while I was having the perfect beach day in Lombok!

Lots of love! All my swimsuits that I'm sporting are from Flirtatious. Enjoy the pictures x

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--- Good Vibes ---


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