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Hey guys! Last month was surely one of the best months of this year for me! With all the travelling for work and leisure, I have been on the go and also been able to figure a few things for myself, otherwise. I apologise for not posting any blogs last month as there has been so much going on and so many things to get done that I didn't want to miss the moment and wanted to make sure I made the most of it. Well, for this month, I'm not sure about any travel plans, but I definitely have a lot of content to put up and I'm very excited about all of it! Let's start with my first travel of the previous month. I went to Jaipur for the launch of the Hèrmosa studio! Hèrmosa collaborated with one of my favourite designers Nikhil Thampi to create a capsule collection for their store! If you have seen some of Nikhil Thampi's designs and are familiar with his work, you will surely have an idea of his aesthetic and elements he uses in his designs! So this collaboration had some decor pieces which were edgy, structured and had a strong design element! The colour scheme used was his iconic combination of black and gold, where the furniture had these beautiful bold gold elements that stood out and made the pieces look more fashion oriented! Coming from an architecture background, I definitely was super excited to be a part of this collaboration and to see the blend of fashion and architecture! Truly a treat to my eyes, this was a great opportunity to witness massive talent coming together. Congratulations Hèrmosa & Nikhil Thampi! Here are some pictures from the launch and some from the store, where I tried to bring both Nikhil Thampi's gorgeous designs & Hèrmosa's furnitures together in multiple frames. Hope you enjoy it x

Wearing: Nikhil Thampi

Hair & Makeup: Mausum Gandhi

--- Good Vibes ---

#NikhilThampi #Hèrmosa

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