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Sculpt yourself with Physique 57

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since I spoke to y’all through a blog post. Now that we’re almost at the end of the year, it only seemed fitting to reflect on the past 12 months and talk about the things that we need to work on and prioritize in the coming year. Working out plays a crucial role in bringing a balance to our hectic lifestyles, either by being a stress-buster for some or by bringing positivity to your mind and body. The benefits of a good workout are often undermined and that’s exactly why I decided to share with you a new workout that I believe in.

Physique 57 is a New York based barre workout that launched its first studio at the Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai. When I heard that it was the city’s first ever barre workout, I had to give it a go. When it comes to fitness, I have always been someone who commits to a regime that involves a full body workout. And Physique 57 is exactly that. This technique is a combination of cardio, strength training, stretching and recovery that is aimed at giving you longer and leaner muscles. With 6 motivators trained in New York, the level of knowledge and energy in a class is evident. It is all about attaining maximum results in just 57 minutes and within 8 classes, you will start seeing visible changes in your body. Being a low impact and high intensity workout, the chances of injury are minimal which makes it even more amazing! It even caters to all kinds of audience with three different levels of classes: Fundamentals, Signature and Signature 2.


Apart from the workout, the ambience of a studio space plays an equally important part to motivate me to go. Two large studios with well equipped facilities will greet you as you enter, with a 'Best You Ever' signage right at the start. An impressive powder room awaits you post the workout.


All in all, Physique 57 is for anyone who is looking to tone up, lose inches and build stronger muscles. What made it special for me was how unique the method was without compromising on the fun element in class. Trust me, your muscles will be thankful for the burn!

To try a class, click here to book online or call the studio at 022 62668757. For more updates, follow them on Instagram.

--- Good Vibes ---

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