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Repair Remedy ft. BBLUNT

When it comes to hair care, making sure you have a routine in place is very important. I have always been very aware of the kind of care my hair needs and adding more protein to the diet is something I have always actively worked towards keeping my hair healthy. Since my job requires me to style my hair frequently for shoots, my hair is bound to get damaged and weak and that makes it all the more important to pay exquisite attention to hair care.

This is why a regime that brings back #HappyHairDays is so essential. BBLUNT has a great 3 step hair care regime that has recently launched and is the perfect repair remedy for your hair. A range that consists of shampoo, hair conditioner and a leave-in cream, this is a range that will help you repair the damage done to your hair. I decided to try the products and noticed a great change in the way my hair was healthier. The products are rich in Keratin and Argan Oil which guarantee a smooth feel and a glossier texture. The products by BBLUNT have been created specially for Indian hair and with colour protection, most of us can use them without any worry of the colour wearing off. So, the next time you start worrying about your hair getting dry, or split ends, get the range and use it as directed. Follow the instructions and don’t be in a hurry to wash off the leave-in cream. And you will see your hair being visibly stronger and the damage repaired! With the numerous weddings that crop up in this month, ensuring your hair is healthy and glowing is the best way to go!



Location - KEIBA, MUMBAI


--- Good Vibes ---


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