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Hey you! Been a while ahhh, how are you doing? Today’s post is just a thought that crossed my mind, and I obviously wanted to share that feeling with you all. And the pictures to go along with are some portraits that I shot with a creative bunch, while I was in LA. Indeed so much fun shooting this one, I mean I really had to restrict my movements because of the tape haha! It wasn’t easy, the whole technicality of it... but worth the effort! Thanks to 838MG crew! I have already posted one of these on Instagram, but CAUTION just made the right story for this piece, as I’m gonna talk about being more conscious of what you’re feeling and avoiding unnecessary danger, in times of doubt! Well, let’s see...

How does one stay positive at all times? I mean HOW? We live in a society where you are so confused about what life is all about, whom to trust, what to believe, how things are supposed to be? The word “supposed” has so much impact here, who even decided that things are supposed to be this way... literally no one. It might have started off a certain way and people started following it.. but wait.. don’t we all feel differently and are doing different things for survival? Why? Because we are different people, different souls and have to experience things differently which will obviously guide us to the path that’s meant for us. It is YOUR journey in the end.

So coming back to how to stay positive... I mean people say I’m a very positive person, is that true? I would call my self an optimistic person, but I fail to be positive in so many situations. Adulting is like looking for answers all the time, IT’S THAT... and now that I’m experiencing it, the line “ because it’s supposed to be that way” doesn’t make sense for me. It’s supposed to be the way you’re feeling... because everything is a learning and an experience. We all are gonna get somewhere and make peace with things, but we just don’t wanna believe that there’s a possibility of it happening now. And that’s where we go wild with our thoughts, it gets difficult to understand the situation... because we complicate it for no reason... but again that’s a learning for us as it is.

When things are fine, I keep doubting if it's okay, is something scary about to happen, am I supposed to create an obstacle on my way for this situation which will be smaller than what’s coming? These thoughts are basically you attracting a glitch in your life because in your mind there are so many things you’ve seen and heard about life that you assume that feeling good is not okay. Why do we just do that to ourselves? What’s the worst that can ever happen. Have you thought of what’s the best that can happen here? From my own learnings, I have learnt that it’s so important to keep your energy aligned... when you’re feeling good use that energy to the most and keep watering it everyday and be grateful about it. It’s that feeling of being content... when you’re content... there’s nothing that’s gonna affect you, because for you nothing will be supposed to be in a particular way.

The past few months have been just amazing, the energy, the energies that I have met, a few dots are joining and some are still yet to join... but the process has been amazing! I feel good about things around me, even if something bothers me I become conscious of my thought and say that it’s fine, it’s not a big deal. And continue with the feeling that makes me feel good. That’s the trick. We all have our days, some days I feel so low that I don’t even know the starting point. It’s just that you gotta feel that way to be grateful and make the most of the happy, positive, good feeling that we usually take for granted! So life has it’s own ways of showing us, so just believe in the energy next time you feel low, or worried about something... that it just happened because somewhere down the line you took the good feeling for granted, apologise to that energy, and just be okay with things around you! Accept and laugh it out, my friend!

Read this somewhere :

“You got to start thinking like you’re blessed, talking like you’re blessed, and acting like you’re blessed. That’s how your blessing gets activated.”


Just thought of sharing what I felt, it’s anyway been a while and now that we all know Instagram’s become the new blog... the no. of blog posts have kinda taken a back seat. But I’ll keep writing about things when and what I feel about situations... basically my life learnings... because it’s so important to share that experience and if you can do it and help someone, then WHY NOT! I always do it with my friends and fam, but I keep forgetting sometimes I have my friends here as well :’) You feel the connection right? You never know what you’re inspiring and sometimes something you come across the internet can change your perspective about a certain situation in life.

Keep growing, lots of love!

Photos by: 838MG

--- GOOD VIBES ---

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